Tuesday, November 29, 2011

SSQG Meeting Minutes 17 November 2011

                                                         November - 17, 2011                       

Secretary Karol Guidry opened the meeting at 6:30 pm welcoming members & two guests.
President Linda Baumann was taking a final exam & Vice President Becky Fincher had surgery performed on her wrist and elbow that morning.                                                  
Treasurer Heidi Brochard reported a balance of  $692.23 in the SSQG account                                                                     
Secretary’s report was accepted as read.                                                                              
Committee Reports were given:                                                                                            
         Valarie Barth – Charity Chair – reported receiving thank you notes from:                  
                                   Braveheart Children In Need, Inc., (braveheartchildren.org)                                                                                                                                                                              
                                 thanking us for the 8 quilts we made & donated to them that
                                 will go into 8 backpacks for new children. The quilts will remain
                                 will belong to the child who receives it always. School supplies,                          
                                 toiletries, clothing (age appropriate) are also in backpack.             
                                     Lynn Clark, Executive Director of Habitat for Humanity sent a
                                 thank you note for the Wonky House Quilt the Guild made &
                                 donated for their annual fundraising event. Eight quilts were donated
                                  to HfH at our quilt show to be used in HfH homes being built in our
                                  locality in the near future. A total of 9 quilts donated by SSQG    
                                  members in 2011.                                   
           Tabs – Becky Fincher – Please detach the flip tops from all aluminum soda, soup
                                  juice, vegetable, etc. cans. Bring them in to be sent to Ronald           
                                  McDonald House to help with staff office expenses & allow    
                                  allocation of other funding to go into ill children& their families
                                  facility needs & program supplies.                                                            

           Jessie Comeaux – Unfinished projects – (UFO’s)                                                               
                                 There are 10 players this year with a listing of 144 UFO’s to be      
                                 completed. The results of this year’s competition will be announced
                                  at the Christmas Party. Thanks to Jessie for volunteering to conduct
                                  opportunity for members to complete projects started & need a push
                                  to finish.        

          Valerie Valle – will report on the SSQG Blog in January as her report was
                                  inadvertently not written on evening agenda, entirely fault of     

           Elsie Hamway – Christmas Party Chair – December 15, 2011 is the date  City     
                                   Café is the place, located at the corner of O’Neal Lane & George
                                 O’Neal. We will gather & start the festivities at 6:30 pm. Please  
                                 bring a $15 quilting related gift to exchange & a hearty appetite.
                                 Separate checks will be provided & our waitress’s name is Dee.
                                 Please e-mail Elsie (ehamway@bellsouth.net) if you missed the
                                 Meeting & plan to attend so that she may have a # to let City Café
                                 know approximately how many members & 1 guest plan to attend.  
                                 Thank you Elsie for making plans for the party!

Election of 1012-2013 SSQG Officers: 
                                  Members received one nomination from the floor for the office of
                                  Secretary. Jan Delgehausen surrendered her nomination for that     
                                  office graciously in order to be able to enjoy being a participating
                                  member at ease.                                                                         
                                  Valerie Barth was nominated & agreed to the assume the office of
            Voting took place:   The Incoming 2012-2013 SSQG Officers elected at this       
                                  Meeting are:                                                                            
                                  President – Becky Fincher                                                                 
                                    Vice President – Jessie Comeaux                                                              
                                       Treasurer – Heidi Brochard                                                             
                                         Secretary – Valerie Barth                                                               
                                 New officers will be installed at the January meeting & will find a 
                                 Description of their Duties in the forthcoming coming updated
                                 SSQG Constitution & Bylaws.                                           
               Merlene Lewis presented the guild an idea for the guild to consider as a charity
                                 Project for 2012 as noted in the Aug. 18, 2011 minutes deferred to  
                                 Nov. 2011 meeting for up or down vote by guild. She showed the        
                                 Bears in three sizes, which may be cut from her patterns, sewn and           
                                 stuffed  with or with out (pattern supplied) faces drawn or            
                                 embroidered. A bow is placed around  the neck for color.            
                                 The bears would be distributed to hospitals to be given to children
                                 that are on their way to surgery, inpatients, emergency room patients,  
                                 babies, neonatal units, firemen, police, etc. to give comfort & caring.  
                                 Voting took place & passed unanimously. Merlene will contact
                                 people to prepare need & acceptance of the little bears & report she   
                                 has completed her research.                                                             
                                Door prizes were won by Madelon Mitchum & Jessie Comeaux.       
                                Thanks were given to Madelon Mitchum for sharing two notebooks 
                                of patterns from her quilt room with someone who would like to have
                             them. One was chosen by Kalpana Parekh & the other was designated   
                             a door prize.                                                                                                
                             Show & Tell was held.                                                                               
                             Members shared things that had taken them by surprise & happenings              
                             in their lives unexpectedly that made each day better.                             
                             Meeting was adjourned at 8:40 pm                                                                 
                             Strip Collection is ended.                                                                                    
                             Our Christmas Party Thursday Nov.15th will take the place of our last                                           
                             regular meeting for 2011. No minutes will be taken. Fun & a good time
                             will be had!                                                                                            
                            Members present were Valerie Valle, Valerie Barth, Merlene Lewis,                  
                            April Reeves, Jan Delgehausen, Elsie Hamway, Betty Braud,  Andrea
                            Keith, Heidi Brochard, Karol Guidry, Jessie Comeaux, and Madelon 
                            Mitchum. Guests were Kalpana Parekh & Renee Hoeprich who were 
                            Invited to the Xmas Party & to join the guild in January.                   
                            The next actual meeting of SSQG will be Thursday January 19, 2012 
                            at 6:50 pm at the Jones Creek Library.                                                        
                                                                                                       Respectfully Submitted,
                                                                                                                Karol Guidry    

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

SSQG Meeting Minutes - 20 October 2011

Meeting - October 20, 2011

  Meeting was called to order by V. P. Becky Fincher in the place of  Pres. Linda Baumann at 6:33 pm. Guests welcomed were Renee Hoeprich, Kalpana Parekh, & Jacqui Kirkpatrick.

   Treasurer’s Report – none stated, due to the resignation of Paula StRomain. Heidi Brochard was appointed to fill the vacancy for the remaining 2011 term. A new bank was found to service our guild, saving fees that would have accrued monthly. Free checks are also a savings. We also now have a Tax I D # as an unincorporated non-business association.    
   Secretary’s Report – accepted                                                                                          
   Valerie Barth, delivered SSQG’s completed Wonky House donation quilt to Lynn Clark, the Executive Director of Habitat for Humanity of our city. She just loved it & will show it to Diane Deaton. The quilt will be auctioned at the Art Auction on Nov. 5, 2011, HfH annual fund raiser.
  Valerie gave thanks to all who contributed to the making of the quilt. Thanks to Val Barth for constructing it & Jessie Comeaux quilting it on her long arm & binding it with our label.                                                                                                                       
    SSQG has donated 8 quilts to HfH & 8 to Braveheart Children in need Inc.      
    By-Law & Constitution amendments were brought forth by V P Becky Fincher for consideration & action by guild members as follows:                                              
  1. Separate office for Secretary. Vote passed to allow separate Secretary office.
  1. Separate office for Treasurer. Vote passed to allow separate Treasurer office.

  1. 2 year officer term will be January of even # year thru December of odd # year. Vote passed.

  1. Installation of new term officers will be 1st January meeting of even # year. Vote passed.

  1. A nomination committee will be formed in September of odd # year to present a slate of officers at October odd # year meeting. Members will be able to nominate from the floor at Oct. & November odd # year meetings. Voting will take place at November odd # year meeting. New officers will then be announced. Vote passed.
 6. The 2 year term will begin in January of the even year after officers are installed. Vote passed.
 A card/gift of thanks was to Bryan for his kindness hanging the quilts for 2nd Annual
Quilt Show in august 2011.                                                                                               

Quilt Show hanging from the ceiling rods & attachments are in Valerie Valle’s home.
Becky Fincher will seek return of SSQG cookbooks.                                                    
Heidi Brochard resigned from the Nomination Committee.                                           
 The Nomination Committee members – Karol Guidry, Dee Jeffers, Andrea Keith, & Betty Braud – announced the slate of officers for the 2012 – 2013 term:
       President – Becky Fincher                                                                                        
        Vice President – Jessie Comeaux                                                                                 
          Treasurer – Heidi Brochard                                                                                           
            Secretary – Jan Delgehausen                                                                                   
 There were no nominations voiced from the floor by members in attendance at Oct.20, 2011 meeting.                                                                                                      

Nominations will be taken voiced by members not present at our October 20, 2011 at our next meeting November 17th 2011. Voting for officers will take place at the November 17, 2011 meeting & New Officers for 2012 – 2013 will be announced.            
Elsie Hamway volunteered to Chair this year’s Christmas Party December 15th. A festive time is in store for all of us.                                                                             
Our own Jan Delghausen treated members to an enjoyable demonstration of the creation of  beautiful Christmas ball decorations for our trees, tables, mantels, centerpieces for our tables or wreaths. Everyone took part choosing fabric, applying it & creating their own style, a memento to last of an SSQG evening to remember. Thank you, Jan for preparing & sharing your technique with each of us. We are ready to make many more for ourselves, friends & family.                                                   
Jessie Comeaux has retired to devote her full attention to her long arm quilting business. Please recommend her to your friends to help more quilters to know she is welcoming new customers who may not be familiar with her talent. jcomquilt@yahoo.com                       
Valerie Barth has a new e-mail address valbarth1@yahoo.com. Please use this, never her old one. She thanks you.                                                                                           
April Reeves volunteered to be SSQG Historian. Thank you, April!                             
Show & Tell was held.                                                                                      
Our next meeting will be Nov. 17, 2011 at 6:30 pm at the Jones Creek Library.                     
Merlene Lewis will present a possible charity program the members may wish to participate in 2012. Little Bears in three sizes may be made & donated to children’s hospitals & neonatal units locally. Discussion will be held & a vote will be taken now that our charity projects are completed for 2011.                                                                 
Strip Color will be turquoise.                                                                                            
Three guests were present. Members present were; Dee Jeffers,  Elsie Hamway, Heidi Brochard, Valerie Valle, Valerie Barth, Merlene Lewis, Betty Braud, Jan Delgehausen, Ginny Hughes, April Reeves, Becky Fincher, Jessie Comeaux & Karol Guidry.                     

                       Respectfully Submitted,
                                                                    Karol Guidry