Sunday, March 4, 2012

February 16, 2012 Meeting Minutes

Sassi Strippers Quilt Guild Meeting Minutes – February 16, 2012

President Becky Fincher called meeting to order at 6:30pm welcoming 14 members and 1 guest (Sherry Herringshaw).

Secretary’s report was accepted by Dee Jeffers and Valerie Valle, respectively.

Treasurer Heidi Brochard reported a balance of $824.23 in the SSQG account. This includes the previous month’s balance of $692.23 and a deposit of $132 (based on 11 paid memberships).   A copy of the treasurer’s report was given to the secretary.  Betty Braud and Karol Guidry accepted treasurer’s report, respectively.

Old business –

Blog Site – Valerie Valle

                Valerie provided an overview of posts and the blogsite.  Documents cannot be posted in word or .pdf on the blogsite.  Valerie presented the advantages of moving to a yahoo blogsite, but the group did not express interest in changing at this time.

Guild members are encouraged to look at the blog site to access meeting minutes, pictures of guild events, etc. and also to make comments on the posts.  The address for the blog site is

Unfinished Projects (UFO’s) – Jessie Comeaux 

Jessie will remain the chairman for 2012 and had copies of forms for members to sign up.  She collected the sheets from those who are participating. 

The quilt needs to be quilted and finished to be counted as completing the UFO.  You can add a quilt at any stage to the list (blocks, fabric, kit, etc.) at the start.  Please bring your sheets to the March meeting if you have not turned one in to Jessie.


                Madeline Monroe is the guild contact for this charity project.  Please detach the flip tops from all aluminum soda, soup, juice, vegetable, etc. cans.  Bring them to the meeting.  Tabs will be sent to Ronald McDonald Children’s hospital in Monroe for another year.  Becky’s sister will take them when she travels to Monroe.

Door Prizes

                Andrea Keith is the guild contact in charge of door prizes.  Andrea was not in attendance so Jessie Comeaux conducted the guild’s door prize drawing.  Pam Tennyson won the door prize for the month. 

These were items donated by other guild members or members of the quilting community.  If there is something that you don’t use or have a duplicate of something in your quilt room, please consider donating it to the group to use as a door prize.  Stay tuned for more chances to win a door prize at a future quilt meeting.

Quilt Show – August 2012

                We are back on the books for our annual quilt show at the Jones Creek library.  Our month is August once again.  Betty Braud and Renee Hoeprich will co-chair the show.   Betty and Renee will provide an update at the next meeting as the planning has begun.  The quilt show committee will be having a meeting in the near future.

Fabric swap

There were three members that brought their two yards of fabric to the meeting.  Quilts are not due until the December meeting.

Rules: Put two yards of fabric in a brown paper bag.  Please do not put your name on the bag.  We will have a person that is not participating that will log in the bags and hand them back out to a new person.  The finished quilts need to incorporate the fabric that you receive and also any other fabrics of your choice. The size of the quilt must be a lap size or greater.  The finished quilts should be brought back to the Christmas party and the original fabric owner will get their finished quilt.  Please do not tell anyone whose fabric you receive, as it should be a surprise at the end of the year. Please keep a swatch of your fabric – just in case you forget which fabric you supplied by December.

New Roads Quilt Show

                There will be a judged quilt show in New Roads on March 24th from 10am – 2pm.  Quilts are due by March 16th.  Contact Jessie Comeaux for more information.

Krotz Springs Quilt Guild

                The Sassi Strippers accepted the invitation from the Krotz Springs Quilt Guild to bring a show and tell of our quilts to their quilt show which will be held on Saturday, July 14th from 10am-2pm.  Lunch will be included and the Sassi Strippers would need to be in Krotz Springs for approximately four hours.  More discussion to come in the future about transportation and logistics. 

Quilt Guild Book Sale

                The Sassi Strippers were given a collection of magazines/quilt books after the last library quilt show in August 2011.  The guild will have a book sale in March at Valerie Barth’s house.  It was decided at the meeting that only Sassi Strippers members will be invited to this first book sale.  This way the members can have the first choice in the books/magazines.  The guild decided that soft covers will be sold for $3, hard cover books would be $5, and large hard cover/soft cover newer editions and a choice of 12 magazines would be sold for $10.  The money raised will be tallied and used for bringing in special speakers this year.  Once the first sale is complete, the guild may have a second book sale that will be open to all BTR quilters.  Valerie Barth and Jessie Comeaux will organize the books/magazines for the sale.  The date for the sale is Saturday, March 3rd.

Hand Quilting at the Rural Life Museum

The Rural Life Museum wants folks to hand quilt at the museum on Mondays and Tuesdays.  Renee has volunteered to help.  The group meets for 2 hours on Monday and Tuesday in an “old time” quilt bee fashion.

Charity Quilts

                The guild will use its donated fabric to construct charity quilts.  Jessie provided 6 different patterns and the guild voted on 2 choices during the meeting.  Jessie will present the winners during the next guild meeting.  Lap size quilts will be made.  Jessie finished two of the quilts that were started last year, but not were finished in time for the quilt show.  So, we have 2 charity quilts that are complete already and these will be hung in the quilt show.  The quilts will be presented to the guild at the next meeting.  Thank you Jessie for the wonderful long arm quilting!

                The guild came up with a list of possible charities for 2012.  The Giving Quilt website has a list of charities that accept quilts.  The charities discussed include: American Cancer Society (Karol), a Humane Society who would have interest in crate pads for animals, Charlie’s House (Alzheimer’s patients), Hospice of BTR (Betty), Soldier’s Angels in Metairie (Becky), and a local Veteran’s home (Jessie).  Several guild members volunteered to call and get more information about the possible charitable organizations (contact person info/interest in our project).  These person’s names are found above in parentheses.  A vote will be taken at the next meeting to finalize the charities that we will work with in 2012.

New business


Block of the Month - Becky

                 A vote was taken to decide on whether to have a block of the month or mystery quilt for 2012.  The block of the month won.  Becky Fincher is the guild contact for this activity.  She will send out an email with the details as well as the blocks for January, February, and March.  Please note that each block will be 12” finished.

Monthly Fat Quarter Drawings

There will be no monthly fat quarter drawings at the meetings for 2012.

Teddy Bear’s for Kids

                Merlene Lewis presented this charity project before the guild last year (as noted in August 2011 minutes and voted on in November 2011).  There has been no additional interest shown by the BTR General Hospital Bluebonnet location.  The guild came up with a list of additional charities:  Children’s Hospital, Battered Women’s shelter, or Connections for Life.  More details to be discussed at the next meeting.  The guild would make teddy bears out of donated fabric for the patents.  Merlene has a copy of the pattern to be used.

Program (Local Quilt Activities/Groups) – Sherry Herringshaw

The Giving Quilt

                The Giving Quilt is a non-profit organization set up to honor makers of charity quilts. They have a quilt show every other year to display charity quilts.

                The Giving Quilt collects quilts throughout the year. There is a growing list of organizations that collect the quilts.

                The Giving Quilt will issue a quilt guild challenge to the Sassi Strippers that will be due during the March timeframe of next year.  More information to come.

                There have been two sewing days (open to everyone) held by The Giving Quilt in the past:  1) Jelly Roll Race and 2) Flannel Preemie Quilts.  Additional sewing days will be announced. The quilts that are completed during these sewing days will be donated.

Wasted Women’s Bee

                The Giving Quilt absorbed the previous Wasted Women’s Bee and they are now an auxiliary unit of The Giving Quilt. 

The groups meet on the second and fourth Tuesday at St. Margaret’s Episcopal from 9am-3pm.  The sew days are open to all local quilters!

Also, if you have quilts that you would like to donate to charity, you can give them to this group and they will hold them until they receive a “call for quilts.” The next quilt show will be in 2013 and it will be held at the Lamar Dixon Expo Center.  Date to be announced later.

Alzheimer’s Priority Quilts (AAQI)

                This initiative will be open to the entire gulf coast quilting community.  Please see the following websites for the rules and entry forms:

The River City Quilt Guild issued a challenge to other local quilt guilds (including the Sassi Strippers) for quilts.

Alz. quilts are due at the March meeting (3/15).  Please bring the completed entry form, your quilt, and $1 for shipping to the next meeting.  Valerie Barth will collect the quilts and give completed forms/paperwork to Sherry Herringshaw.

The challenge is to make a quilt that is a maximum of 9 x 11 inches.  It has to have a hanger (either o-rings or fast-triangle method).  See the websites for tutorials on the hangers if necessary.  Every quilt must be accompanied by a registration form.

If you use a pattern that has a copyright, then you need to obtain permission to use it for your AAQI quilt.  Please attach the permission slip to the registration form.

Sherry presented several of the miniature quilts that she made and discussed the binding technique (see alz. website for instructions). 

You can use any 8” block or smaller and turn it into a quilt.

At the March meeting, the guild will vote on the top 5 quilts and these will be hung in the GSQA show.  We hope that everyone participates.

Show and Tell

There were 15 folks in attendance at the meeting – 14 members and 1 guest.