Sunday, August 11, 2013

2013 Kaleidoscope of Quilts pictures

If you haven't been to the library yet, here are some pictures of the quilts hanging in the show.  This is just a sampling.  When you visit the library, peek into all the corners, behind the desks, in the display cases and in the children's section.  Once again, the show committee has done a wonderful job of displaying the entries.

Saturday, August 10, 2013

SSQG Meeting Minutes July 2013

Sassi Strippers Quilt Guild Meeting Minutes – July 18, 2013

President Becky Fincher called the meeting to order at 6:30pm welcoming 7 members. 

The meeting minutes were accepted by Jessie Comeaux and Valerie Valle, respectively.

President Becky Fincher provided the treasurer’s report as Treasurer Heidi Brochard was not in attendance at the meeting.  It was reported that there was a balance of $1,074.47 as of June 30, 2013 in the SSQG account. There were no deposits or withdrawals during the month of June. Treasurer’s report was accepted as given by Jessie Comeaux and Valerie Valle, respectively.   

Blog Site – Valerie Valle

Meeting minutes and pictures are posted on the blogsite.  If anyone has info to be posted on the blogsite, please give it to Valerie Valle. 


Guild members are encouraged to look at the blog site to access meeting minutes, pictures of guild events, etc. and also to make comments on the posts.  The address for the blog site is

Unfinished Projects (UFO’s) – Jessie Comeaux 

Jessie Comeaux is the chair for 2013.  The quilt needs to be quilted and finished to be counted as completing the UFO.  You can add a quilt at any stage to the list (blocks, fabric, kit, etc.). 

Please bring your UFO lists to the next meeting!  A copy of the blank list has been posted to the blog site.  There are 5 participants and 3 completed projects for 2013.  Keep up the good work.

Send Jessie Comeaux an email with the name of the quilts that you complete throughout the year.

Tabs – Becky Fincher

Becky Fincher is the guild contact for this charity project.  Please detach the flip tops from all aluminum soda, soup, juice, vegetable, etc. cans.  Bring them to the meeting.  Tabs will be sent to Ronald McDonald House in New Orleans for 2013. 

Door Prize Drawing – April Reeves

April Reeves volunteered to be the guild contact in charge of door prizes.  These were items donated by other guild members or members of the quilting community.  If there is something that you don’t use or have a duplicate of something in your quilt room, please consider donating it to the group to use as a door prize.  Stay tuned for more chances to win a door prize at a future quilt meeting.

Quilt Show

The quilt show has been scheduled for August 2013.  There were approximately 50 quilts turned in thus far.  Demo day is going to be on August 17th, which is the 3rd Saturday of August.  Demo day will be held from 10-2pm, and will include the Charity Bears, Handwork, YoYos and Children’s activities.  All quilts/quilt items were collected at the July meeting.  WAFB noon show with Diane Deaton will announce quilt show and demo day.  For the kid’s table this year, the kids will be drawing on quilt blocks to make a quilt during the show.  We need teddy bear bodies ready to stuff for the 17th.  Take down of quilts is scheduled for Thursday, August 29th. Please plan to pick-up for 8-8:45pm or authorize someone to pick up your quilts for you. 

Renee Hoeprich has a press release that was distributed and will have SSQG information cards printed.

Charity Quilts

The guild will continue to use its donated fabric to construct charity quilts.

Merlene Lewis and Elsie Hamway are the co-chairs for 2013.  Members can choose whatever pattern they would like as long as it makes a lap size quilt (50”x60”).  The due date for charity quilts was the July 2013 meeting.


Representatives for charities (Raven’s Outreach and Cancer Services of Greater Baton Rouge) will be present at the Demo Day on August 17th.  Merlene reported that Generations is excited about giving teddy bears for dementia patients.  River City Quilt Guild is also making bears at this time.

Block Exchange – Jessie Comeaux

We have decided to have members continue in August by bringing another set of blocks to exchange.  Same rules as last month – see below.

If you wish to participate in the block exchange for 2013 for Sassi Strippers, please bring the following to the July meeting:

5 (or 10) completed Split 9 Patch Blocks - you get the same number back that you bring in!

Please bring multiples of 5.

See the following link for the pattern -

The block is 9" finished (9.5" unfinished).

Cream-based fabrics should be used for the lights and you can use any color you wish for the darks. (In the pattern, several different red fabrics were chosen.)   You can choose either to bring scrappy blocks or ones that look more like the pattern pictures.  It’s the way you construct the quilt at the end that will make the quilts interesting.

Teddy Bear’s for Kids

Merlene Lewis presented this charity project before the guild last year (as noted in August 2011 minutes and voted on in November 2011).  Our Lady Of The Lake Children’s Hospital called & notified Merlene that they very much wanted the bears Sassi Strippers was offering to make for child patients.  The hospital mentioned that they look forward to getting more bears.

Please see the blogsite for a posting of the pattern.

Please feel free to make as many as you would like to & bring them to a future meeting.  If you do not have the instructions, please let us know and we can provide extra copies at the next meeting.

They can be made of materials you have in your stash, plaids, prints, solids or Flannel, anything you want to use.  Please let us know if anyone would like some of the guild’s donated fabric to make the bears.

Merlene went to Generations Hospice in Denham Springs in May.  A representative was interested in the bears and would like to come to talk to the guild.  A vote was taken to provide bears to Generations Hospice in the future. After the first delivery of bears, we will invite the representative to come to speak at a future guild meeting.

New Business



Collection of quilts for show. 

Show and Tell

Some of the show quilts were shared.

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Local Hoffman Challenge participant

Our very own Merlene Lewis!  Her quilted jacket, skirt and top have been selected to travel with the 2013 Hoffman Challenge tour.

Congratulations Merlene!