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SSQG Meeting Minutes - February 19, 2015

SSQG Meeting Minutes - February 19, 2015

  1. President/Call to order (Pam T.) –       6:36pm
  2. Sign In, Welcome to Members and Guests – 16 Members attended
  3. Reading of the minutes and motion to accept –
a)    Motion made by: Sharon Holder
b)    Motion seconded by:  Betty Braud
c)    Accepted by membership? - yes
  1. Reports of officers and committees
a)    Treasurer’s report (Elsie H.)–
                             i.     Beginning Balance:  $1,007.00
                            ii.     Deposits:  $156.00
                           iii.     Expenditures:  none posted
                          iv.     Ending Balance:  $1,163.00
                           v.     Motion to accept:
1.     Motion made by:  Karol Guidry
2.     Motion seconded by:  Becky Fincher
3.     Accepted by membership? - yes
b)    Secretary/Blog site (Valerie V.) – Posts are added as they occur.  If anyone has a link, information, picture, etc they would like posted, please let Valerie know.
c)    Historian (Marilyn H.) – a few pictures from the Giving Quilt Bear Stuffing table have been posted to the blog site.  Marilyn is now determining the best way to post large numbers of pics, whether direct to the site or via link to a photo album site.  She also took lots of pics of the evening’s activities and will post those soon.
d)    Unfinished Projects (UFOs – Kathy S.) – Kathy has volunteered to oversee the UFO challenge and  has set up a Treasure Box system.  As members complete their UFO, please bring it to the meeting for show and tell.  The member will then get to pick a “treasure” from Kathy’s box.  The treasures run the gamut from fabric to notions to CHOCOLATE.  If you have any items to donate to the Treasure Box, please let Kathy know.  Many thanks to Kathy for taking on this task and to Jessie Comeaux for her service with this challenge in the past.
e)    Tabs (Betty B.) – Collects tabs at the meetings.  To test if your tabs are acceptable for donation, you can check them with a magnet.  If they don’t stick, they can be donated.
f)     Door Prizes (Renee H.) – Renee has set up a system of naming the door prize bags to give winners a slight idea of what inside.  Winners of this weeks door prizes were Elsie Hamway, Karol Guidry and Mynan Guidry.
g)    Just Do It (Pam T.) –
                             i.       All blocks have been finished for the Quilt in a Box project.  Boxes with leftover fabric were returned to all participants who will be making their 12th block prior to the March meeting (Please contact Pam with your 12th block choice so none will be duplicated).  Bring your block to the March meeting, where everyone’s Quilt in a Box blocks will be revealed and returned. 
                            ii.       We would like to display some Quilt in a Box projects in the August Quilt show so please allow time to complete your quilts by then if you want to enter your project in the show.
                           iii.       New Just Do It challenge – KRAZY QUILTS!  Any size from a block to a quilt, or any project you have in mind.  Timeframe TBD.
h)    Quilt Show (SSQG membership) – No volunteers to become chairperson so the show this year will be a group activity and organized by the entire membership.
                           i.           Some ideas for display sections:
1.                             Quilts of Valor
2.                             Quilt in a Box
3.                             Charity Quilts
4.                             Small “storybook” themed quilts for the children’s section
5.                             Members’ personal quilt projects
                          ii.                             Betty Braud volunteered to be Library liason to determine show dates.
i)      Charity Quilts/Projects (Merlene L. & Cheryl A.) –
                         i.         Stuff a Bear at the Giving Quilt show was a huge success with 135 bears completed and ready for delivery, and many more stuffed.
1.                                Discussions were held on the proper construction of the bears
a.                                Please do not trim seams too close or they rip open when stuffed.
b.              Bears should be stuffed softly as they are used as pillows for the chemo ports of cancer patients.
c.              Please leave larger opening at bear butt for easier stuffing
d.              Elsie described her technique for closing bear butts:  leave larger seam allowance (1/2 -1 inch) so that blind ladder stitch can be used to close opening.
                        ii.         SSQG will continue to donate both bears and quilts to Cancer Services and Our Lady of the Lake
                       iii.         Pam issued a goal to the guild to have at least 500 bears completed and donated in 2015.
                      iv.         Themes and sizes for the charity quilts to be donated were discussed:
1.                             Dancing squares – any quilt that uses squares in construction
2.                             Quilt safari theme – quilts that use animals, bugs, nature fabric patterns
3.           Any size is accepted by OLL and Cancer Services, but preferred size is minimum of 50x60 inches for youth through adult quilts.  Baby quilts can be smaller and are also accepted.
                       v.         Merlene Lewis and Cheryl Armstrong will request and choose fabric from Wasted Women.  They will look for fabric that can be used for this year’s theme.
  1. Unfinished Business –
a)    Guild banner status.  Will discuss this topic at the March meeting.
  1. New business
a)  Pam presented a list of “Quilter’s Codes”.  These were posted to the blog site
b)  Programs are being scheduled and possible presenters are being solicited from organizations such as the Rug Hookers guild and CFAL.
c)  A road trip is being planned to All Stitched Up in Slidell.  Please let Pam know if you’re interested in attending.  Further details will be forthcoming.
  1. Program Report –
a)  Mynan Guidry presented a pattern for an Inverted Star and brought some fabric for people to make blocks with. If members bring the blocks back to Mynan, she’ll put them together into a charity quilt.  Valerie will post the pattern on the blog site.
b)  Mynan Guidry also gave a demonstration of machine binding, a much faster method of attaching a binding than hand stitching one down.  Here are some of her tips and tricks:
                           i.       To start with, the binding should be initially sewn on the back of the quilt, then folded over to the front (the reverse of a hand stitched binding).
                          ii.       If the binding is a 2 ½ inch double fold, then the stitching should be 3/8 inch from the edge of the quilt (a 2 ¼ inch double fold should be stitched ¼ inch from the edge). Pressing the binding is optional.
                         iii.       Match the bobbin thread to the quilt back to blend in the stitch line on the back. (Also optional).
                        iv.       Stitch length seems to work best at 2.5
                         v.       For the initial sewing of the binding to the back of the quilt, when reaching a corner, stop at 3/8 (or ¼) from the quilt edge, then stitch diagonally off the corner.  Fold the binding as usual and begin stitching again. This helps with mitering the corners when the binding is folded over to the front.
                        vi.       After folding the binding over to the front, the stitching should be close to the edge of the binding.  This should minimize any stitching showing on the back.
                       vii.       When a corner is reached, carefully fold the fabric to miter the corner and catch the edges as you turn, then continue on.
                      viii.       You can use a decorative stitch along the edge of the binding instead of a straight stitch.  (Also optional)
                        ix.       FYI – if your quilt is to be entered into a judged show, the binding must be hand stitched down.  Machine binding is a disqualification.
  1. Show and Tell – members showed off projects, both old and new, and briefly described their interests.  Marilyn took pictures that will be posted soon.
  2. Announcements –..
a)    Quilts of Valor Foundation now has a local representative – Roxanne Brown (  More information on this foundation, along with information on how to donate a QOV quilt may be found at
b)    Next meeting is scheduled for Thursday, March 19th.
                         i.                                Quilt in a Box blocks will be revealed.
                        ii.                                Please bring a fat quarter for the game
                       iii.                                Valerie Valle will present her method for sorting scraps and fabric.

  1. Adjournment – 8:26pm

Inverted Star Block pattern

Friday, February 20, 2015

Quilter's Code

Courtesy of the Fabric Center (  Quilter's Code

WIP:  Work in Progress
UFO:  Unfinished Object
PIG:  Projects in Grocery Bags
WOMBAT:  Wast of Money, Batting and Time
NESTY:  Not Even Started Yet
PFC:  Professional Fabric Collector
STABLE:  Stash Accumulation Beyond Life Expectancy
WITHWIT:  What in the Heck was I Thinking?
TIH:  There is Hope

Thursday, February 19, 2015

SSQG meeting - 19 February 2015

Hello my talented beauties, 

    I wish all of you talented beauties a belated "Happy Valentine's Day!"❤️ We have our Sassi Strippers Meeting on Thursday, February 19, 2015 @ 6:30pm at the Jones Creek Library.  We have a jam packed night planned! We will be discussing a lot of topics & making decisions for the year.  I have a lot of fun things planned for us in the year 2015.  Please come to share your ideas & let your voice be heard. We have attended some fun events & will share those experiences with you as well.  Please bring a needle, a spool of neutral color thread & a pair of scissor for our activity with our teddy bears! Elsie will be sharing two quilt tops that utilized her technique from her demo last month!  Mynan will be sharing a technique with you for "bindings" this month!  The "Quilt in a Box" will be moving on to the next phase, all blocks are due at the February meeting.  All participants will be given their fabric boxes back & need to confirm their selection for block #12 that will be completed & turned in at the March meeting!  Please bring any tabs you have collected to be given to Betty.  Please bring anything you would be willing to donate for door prizes to be given to Renee.  Last but not least, we all know how much we enjoy show & tell, so let's kick ours up a notch!  I would like to encourage everyone to bring at least one or more items for show & tell.  It can be new or old because we have new members that haven't seen your incredible work yet!  So let's share, share, share!!!  See you Thursday for for our time together of fun, creativity & fellowship!

Humbly yours,

Pam Tennyson😃

Friday, February 6, 2015

Stuff a Bear!

I thought I would pass this along to you, JoPaula posted this about the Giving Quilt Show. Here is the address of the of the Lamar Dixon Expo Center & the building the show is located in.

Let the stuffing begin!



SSQG mentioned in the Gonzales Weekly

Hello my talented Beauties,

Just a quick reminder that Saturday, February 7th is the Giving Quilt Exhibit at the Lamar Dixon Expo Center in Gonzales.  This is the date Sassi Strippers Quilt Guild will be handling the stuff a bear table. Anyone that is willing to come help, at anytime during the time slot of 10:00 am - 5:00 pm will be greatly appreciated. Calling all members, come make a difference for our little ones!🐻

The attachment below was sent to me, please take a moment to read it, you will enjoy it.
Thank you Renee for sharing the wonderful article with us!

Sassi Strippers is mentioned in The Giving Quilt show article.  

This is the online link to the article in the Gonzales Weekly. They did a nice job.

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

100 Things

100 Things Every Quilter Should Do Before She Dies
1. 5Visit a quilt shop.
5Make a Nine Patch.
5Make a Log Cabin.
5Label a quilt.
5Figure yardage for a quilt.
5Learn about warp and weft.
5Use a rotary cutter.
5Use templates.
5Paper piece a quilt block.
5Hand applique a quilt block.
5Make a yo-yo.
5Embellish a quilt.
5Try free motion quilting.
5Stitch in the ditch.
5Try hand quilting.
5Bind a quilt.
5Miter the corners of quilt binding.
5Join the ends of quilt binding.
5Sew diagonal seams.
5Use a walking foot.
5Attend a guild meeting.
5Visit Houston for International Quilt Festival.
5Have a quilt appraised.
5Visit a quilt museum.
5Go on a quilt retreat.
5Try curved piecing.
5Miter the borders.
5Learn to do blanket stitch by hand.
5See a local quilt show.
5Put your quilt in a local quilt show.
5Sell raffle tickets on a quilt.
5Take a road trip with quilt friends.
5Create a Pinterest board with quilt images.
5Make a 3-D quilt block.
5Donate a quilt to a good cause.
5Make a sampler quilt.
5Make an art quilt.
5Try bobbin work.
5Learn to maintain your sewing machine.
5Add rickrack to a quilt.
5Design a quilt. (Remember, you don’t necessarily have to make the quilt.) 42. 5Change/tweak/alter a pattern to make it your own.
5Make a color wheel with fabric swatches.
5Chat about quilting with a stranger.
5Talk about quilting with your family.
5Give a quilt as a wedding/graduation/retirement gift.
5Visit Paducah during the AQS Show.
5Take a class with a nationally known teacher.
5Use some fabric you dislike.

50. 5Participate in Show & Tell.
5Volunteer for a job in a quilt group.
5Use a color you detest.
5Make a quilt inspired by nature.
5Get up early or stay up late to quilt.
5Make a scrap quilt.
5Make a tote bag.
5Make a postcard quilt.
5Make a baby quilt and gift it to a newborn.
5Understand the basics of caring for quilts.
5Borrow a quilting book from the public library.
5Teach someone else to quilt.
5Creatively piece a backing for one of your quilts.
5Apply a piped binding, or some variation of it.
5Post quilt pics to Facebook.
5Install quilty wallpaper on your computer.
5Put a quilty bumper sticker on your car.
5Cuss mildly when you realize you've been sewing air (because you ran out of bobbin thread). 68. 5Read your sewing machine manual cover to cover.
5Learn to thread baste.
5Learn to pin baste.
5Use basting spray.
5Help a friend make a quilt.
5Make a quilt for a special child.
5Make a quilt for a spouse or partner.
5Make a quilt for a friend.
5Include your quilts in your last will and testament.
5Determine your favorite thread for piecing.
5Understand the concept of value.
5Understand the mathematics of quilt blocks.
5Apply a bias binding.
5Take a guild speaker to dinner.
5Comment on a quilt-related blog post.
5Make a mystery quilt.
5Take part in a block exchange.
5Write how-to instructions for making a quilt block.
5 Be able to state clearly what you learned from a particular quilt.
5Know the difference between lengthwise and crosswise grain.
5Know the parts of a sewing machine needle and why they matter.
5Organize your stash.
5Know the names of hand sewing needles used for different tasks.
5Finish a UFO.
5Purchase fabric on impulse.
5Try sewing with precuts.
5Trade fabrics with quilt friends.
5Identify your ancestors who quilted.
5Visit a quilt shop while on vacation.
5Sew on a treadle for old time's sake.
5Subscribe to a quilting magazine.
5Become a regular reader of a quilting blog.
5Go on a Shop Hop.