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SSQG - Minutes 11/17/16

 SSQG Minutes – 11/17/16
SSQG Meeting Minutes
Date: November 11, 2016
Minutes taken by Sharon H

1. President / Call to order (Pam T.)- 6:40pm
2. Sign in, Welcome to Members and Guests- 14 Members attended and 2 Guests Carli Whiteside and Paula Toups.
3. Reading of the minutes and motions to accept-

a. Motion made by: Mynan G.
b. Motion seconded by: Elsie H.
c. Accepted by membership? Yes

4. Reports of officers and committees

a. Treasurer’s report (Elsie H.)-

I. Beginning Balance: 1,011.66
II. Deposits: 0
III. Expenditures: 0
IV. Ending Balance: 1,011.66
V. Motion to accept:

1. Motion made by: Karol G.
2. Motion seconded by: Valerie V.
3. Accepted by membership? Yes

b. VP/ Programming (Sharon H.)- Noted that the Christmas Party would take place at the December Meeting

c. Secretary (Katie J.)-Katie J. absent. Sharon H took minutes.

d. Historian/Blog Site (Marilyn H.)- Continues to post to the blog site and post pictures.

e. Unfinished Projects (UFOs-Kathy S.)- Marilyn showed a quilt that had been quilted by Missouri Star Quilting. They provided the backing, did an all-over design, and charged $.02/sq. in.

f. Tabs (Betty B.)- 1 small bag turned in.

g. Door Prizes (Renee H.)-
  1. Merlene L (Applique)
  2. Elsie H (Traditional)
  3. Sharon H (Quirky)
  4. Valerie V (Jackets and Bags)

h. Just Do It (Pam T.)- No discussion

i. Quilt Show (SSQG membership)-

j. Charity Quilts (Merlene L. & Cheryl A.)- 5 quilts went OLOL Children's Hospital and 5 went to Cancer Services. 27 Bears to OLOL and 28 to Cancer Services. SSQG did receive a thank you note from OLOL.

5.Unfinished business- The Nominating Committee formerly nominated Sharon H as president, Mynan G as vice-president, Becky F as secretary, and Cheryl A as treasurer. A motion to accept was made by Kathy S, seconded by Merlene L, and accepted by the membership.

  1. New Business- Paula Toups contacted fabric manufaturer North Cot to make pillow cases for flood victims. She made 30 pillow cases and with the help of other quilters, a total of 150 were made. 8 members flooded and 7 got pillows at the meeting.
1. It was announced that Daisy Comeaux's Quilt Cottage would re-open soon.
2. A notice about the giving quilt exhibition would be held in february and bears would be needed. Members were encouraged to take flannel fabric to make bears. Challenge fabric for the show is Toscana Green and it is available at Quilt Corner.

7. Program- “Pincushions and Bags featured in the book Sew Organized by Heidi Staples” by Angie H. Pincushions were stuffed with walnut shells. Walnut shells in a large amount for a good price at petsmart. Angie mentioned that an informative blog called Fabric Mutt and the website is a good website for free patterns for gift ideas. Paula Toups won one of Angie's pincushions.

8. Show and tell- Marilyn H(2 christmas tree patterned quilts: 1 cherry guidry kit in red and the other was Prarie Point Christmas Tree) Merlene L (Bouquet Quilt-daughter's bridal quilt? And a wall-hanging that was hand quilted) Mynan G (3 quilts for adopted family in Virginia CJ received a Marvel Comic Quilt, Chase got a Pixelated Batman quilt, Baby Caroline (as yet unborn) got a grey, pink, and teal dandelion quilt) Elsie (multiple English Paper-pieced blocks)

9. Announcements-
a) Reminder that the Christmas Party will be at the December meeting on the 15th at the City Cafe at 6:30pm. Members who would like to participate may bring a Christmas fat-quarter and a quilt related gift costing $15 or less. Participation is voluntary and the dress is festive.

10. Adjournment- 8:07pm

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