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SSQG Minutes -- 2/16/17

SSQG Meeting 2/16/17
Minutes taken by Becky F.
1. Vice President (Mynan G.) called to order 6:40 pm
2. Sign in, Welcome to 9 members.
3. Reading of the minutes and motion to accept
a. Motion made by : Elsie H.
b. Motion seconded by Betty B.
c. Accepted by membership? Yes
4. Reports of officers
a. Treasurer’s report (Cheryl A.)
i. Beginning Balance: $1011.66
ii. Deposits: $120.00 in dues
iii. Expenditures: none
iv. Ending Balance: $1131.66
v. Motion to accept:
1. Motion made by: Pam T.
2. Motion seconded by: Karol G.
3. Accepted by membership? Yes
b. VP/Programming (Mynan) – Bears tonight.
Mynan asked membership about their interests for future programs. We will have Paula Toups in March and Daisy Comeaux at a later time. Members were asked to share skills or other crafts that they enjoy for future programs. Please talk to Mynan if you have ideas about this. Pam T. suggested Kathy Brown or Gayle Soileau for a program on needle punch.
c. Secretary (Becky F.)- minutes were sent out.
d. Historian/Blog site (Marilyn H.) not in attendance.
e. Unfinished projects (UFOs) Kathy S.- Projects must be started in 2016 or before and completely finished (quilting and binding) to qualify. None presented tonight.
f. Tabs (Cheryl A.) – none
g. Door prizes (Valerie K.) – 1. Kathy S.; 2. Pam T., 3. Karol G.
h. Just Do It (Sharon H.)- Several of our members (Pam T., Cheryl A., Betty B., Karol G., Sharon H., Elsie H., and Valerie K.) attended the public day at Red Stick Rug Hooking Hook in at Nottoway plantation on Wednesday, Feb. 15th. Cheryl A. shared about the conference. Pam T. brought her wool purchases to show and showed a news clip about the conference and some photos that she and Cheryl A had taken. Members enjoyed lunch at the plantation, also, which was reported to be excellent.
i. Quilt Show- no report
j. Charity Quilts (Cheryl A. and Merlene L)- no report
5. Unfinished business – 75 bears were stuffed and finished at the Giving Quilt Show. Approximately 600 quilts were on display and our member Betty Braud received an Honorable Mention for her quilt “Crayons”.
GSQA opportunity basket that was mention at last month’s meeting was discussed. Membership declined to participate because it was felt that we did not need the funds that would be generated and that it would be difficult for such a small guild to collect items for it. Seminar is March 15-18th.
6. New business- Mynan handed out beginning instructions for a Mystery Quilt (attached to minutes) that will start next month. It’s a Debbie Caffrey pattern called “Sew What?” Mynan brought her fabric selections for this quilt to give us an idea of what we may need to look for when selecting material. Step 1 will be handed out in March, Step 2 in April, and Step 3 in May. Hopefully, some of our members can have this quilt completed in time for this year’s quilt show.
7. Tonight’s Program – Members tied hearts and bows on finished bears.
8. Show and Tell – Betty B. showed her cotton and wool table runner from a pattern in Primitive Quilts and Projects magazine.
Mynan G. showed her “Gold Medal” top and an “Honor” top that was done in black and white. Both are Villa Rose patterns.
9. Announcements-
a. Next meeting is March 16th.

10. Adjournment at 8:10 pm

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