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SSQG Meeting minutes - 3/19/15

SSQG Meeting Minutes
March 19, 2015
Minutes taken by Sharon H.

  1. President/Call to order (Pam T.) –       6:45pm
  2. Sign In, Welcome to Members and Guests – 13 Members attended
  3. Reading of the minutes and motion to accept –
a)    Motion made by: Kathy Sandahl
b)    Motion seconded by:  Becky Fincher
c)    Accepted by membership? - yes
  1. Reports of officers and committees
a)    Treasurer’s report (Elsie H.) –
                             i.     Beginning Balance:  $1,163.00
                            ii.     Deposits:  $12.00
                           iii.     Expenditures:  $91.93 (quilt for previous President)
                          iv.     Ending Balance:  $1,093.07
                           v.     Motion to accept:
1.     Motion made by:  Valerie Valle
2.     Motion seconded by:  Merlene Lewis
3.     Accepted by membership? - yes
b)    VP/Programming (Sharon H.) –
                           i.                                Reviewed upcoming year programs and asked for additional ideas.
                          ii.                                Betty Braud will present a program on Wool Applique/Embroidery at the April meeting.
c)    Secretary/Blog site (Valerie V.) – no report due to time constraints
d)    Historian (Marilyn H.) – SSQG pictures will be uploaded to a storage site and the link to the site will be posted on the SSQG Blogspot site.
e)    Unfinished Projects (UFOs – Kathy S.) – Jessie C. presented three completed UFOs and earned a pick from the Treasure box.  She chose a chocolate bar.
f)     Tabs (Betty B.) – Pam found an additional source for tabs and hopes to contribute regularly.
g)    Door Prizes (Renee H.) –Winners of this weeks door prizes were Elsie and April.
h)    Just Do It (Pam T.) –
                             i.       Quilt in a Box blocks were revealed and returned to participants in the challenge. 
                            ii.       We would like to display some Quilt in a Box projects in the August Quilt show so please allow time to complete your quilts by then if you want to enter your project in the show.
                           iii.       New Just Do It challenge – KRAZY QUILTS!  Any size from a block to a quilt, or any project you have in mind.  Timeframe TBD.  Additional information deferred until next meeting.
i)      Quilt Show (SSQG membership) – No volunteers to become chairperson so the show this year will be a group activity and organized by the entire membership.
                           i.                             Betty Braud will discuss set up, take down and demo days with library.  8/15 is the preferred date for demo day with 8/22 as alternate.
j)      Charity Quilts/Projects (Merlene L. & Cheryl A.) –
                         i.         SSQG will continue to donate both bears and quilts to Cancer Services and Our Lady of the Lake
1.     88 bears each have been given to OLOL and Cancer Services to date.  A thank you note was received from OLOL.
2.     The Guild will continue to work on bears at each meeting with a goal of at least 100 bears available by the August quilt show
3.     The Guild voted to purchase 2 more boxes of stuffing for the bears.
                        ii.         Merlene Lewis and Cheryl Armstrong chose fabric from Wasted Women and brought lots to the meeting.  Everyone was encouraged to take as much as they liked to make charity quilts with.
                       iii.         Decision was deferred on when to hold a Charity quilt sew day.
  1. Unfinished Business –
a)    Guild banner block was voted on by the membership.  Betty’s block was chosen.  This block will be used as the banner on the Blog site.
  1. New business
a)  Pam’s aunt donated $100 to be used to purchase thread cones for Pam’s Millie longarm.  The thread will be used to quilt the charity items.  A thank you card was passed around for the membership to sign.
b)  It was decided by the membership that program presenters who are non-members of the quild will receive a $25 honorarium, while presenters who are members will receive a door prize bag
c)  .Members who brought fat quarters played the Left-Right-Center gambling game.  Elsie won the pot of fat quarters.
  1. Program Report –
a)  Valerie Valle presented her method for organizing fabric and scraps.  Here are some of her suggestions:
                           i.       Decide HOW you pick fabric for your quilts and organize around that.  Do you lean towards Color, Pattern on fabric, type of fabric or shape of scrap (strips, squares, etc)?  Valerie organized her fabric and scraps by COLOR.
                          ii.       For fabric ¼ yard or larger, wrap the fabric around a comic book backer board.  These can be purchased from local shops or at Amazon.
                         iii.       Wrapped fabric can be stored on shelves or in containers.  Valerie uses the Umbra rectangular crunch cans which can be purchased from Amazon or the Container Store
                        iv.       Fabric that is fat quarter size and larger than 3” or 4” strips can be stored in shoe boxes or similar containers.  Valerie used deep ArtBins, also purchased at Amazon.  ArtBins can also be found at JoAnn fabric stores.
                         v.       For scrap sorting.  Again, decide how you pick out fabric.  Valerie first sorted all her scraps into piles by color – red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, black, white, brown, then sorted each color by SHAPE.  The scraps were then stored in smaller ArtBin divider boxes.  The scraps can then be easily viewed and appropriate pieces picked out.
                        vi.        Some people prefer to sort their scraps by shape – strips, rectangles, triangles, etc, then store by shape, without regard to color.
                       vii.       Valerie then showed two quilts she made starting from her scrap bins – a green/brown quilt where the blocks were made from scraps, and a colorful quilt that started with scraps and was worked outward from the center, using as many scraps as possible before then digging into larger fabric pieces and yardage.
  1. Show and Tell – members showed off projects, both old and new.
  2. Announcements –..
a)    Next meeting is scheduled for Thursday, April 16th where Betty Braud will present a program on Wool Applique/Embroidery.

  1. Adjournment – 8:40pm

March Show and Tell

Click here for photos

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

SSQG meeting - Thursday, March 19, 2015

Hello my talented beauties,

I hope all of you had a fantastic "St. Patricks Day"!  We have our Sassi Strippers meeting on Thursday, March 19, 2015 @ 6:30pm at the Jones Creek Library.  We have a lot going on again, we are going to be making more decisions & will also have some great announcements to share!   
Please bring one fat quarter for the game that we will be playing, it may be your lucky night!  
If you chose to do an "Inverted Star" block & have it completed for the charity quilt, please bring it to turn into Mynan.  
We will have some charity fabric for you to pick from & take home to work on your charity quilts.  Also, we will have some bears to work on during the meeting if you would like to lend a helping hand.  
Our program for March will be Valerie sharing her “Fabric/Scrap Organization Method" with our members.  
am so exited, the day has come for the reveal of the “Quilt in a Box” challenge, it has been so much fun!!!  I need the 11 participants to please bring your 12th block that you completed to the meeting for the reveal. 
If you have collected any tabs to be turned in, please bring them.  
What an awesome job y’all did getting things done at the February meeting and the show & tell was fabulous!  I thank you for that and lets do it again!  Bring something for show and tell to share & lets rock out another night of fun, creativity & fellowship!

Humbly yours,

Pam Tennyson

Friday, March 6, 2015

CFAL exhibit

Hello my talented beauties, 

 Here is an opportunity to meet the artists on Saturday, March 7, 2015. The reception is from 2pm-4pm, admission is free & refreshments are provided. Come enjoy the creativity, beauty & fellowship, hope to see you there!

Pam Tennyson­čśâ