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SSQG Meeting minutes from 4/16/15

SSQG Meeting Minutes
April 16, 2015
Minutes taken by Kathy S.

  1. President/Call to order (Pam T.) –       6:35pm
  2. Sign In, Welcome to Members and Guests – 14 attended, with 13 members and our guest, Judy Holley. Pam T thanked Valerie V for her presentation last month on scrap and fabric organization.  Judy Holley was first up from the agenda to give her program on tie and shirt quilts.
  3. Reading of the minutes and motion to accept –
a)    Motion made by: Marilyn H
b)    Motion seconded by:  Elsie H
c)    Accepted by membership? - yes
  1. Reports of officers and committees
a)    Treasurer’s report (Elsie H.) –
                             i.     Beginning Balance:  $1,083.07
                            ii.     Deposits:  $60.00
                           iii.     Expenditures:  none
                          iv.     Ending Balance:  $1,143.07
                           v.     Motion to accept:
1.     Motion made by:  Valerie V
2.     Motion seconded by:  Sharon H
3.     Accepted by membership? - yes
b)    VP/Programming (Sharon H.) –
                           i.                                Betty Braud will present a program on Wool Applique/Embroidery at the May meeting.
                          ii.       Reviewed upcoming year programs (Cherry Guidry, Gayle Soileau on rug hooking, Sharon H. Christmas ornaments) and asked for additional ideas.
c)    Secretary/Blog site (Valerie V.) – minutes are added to site within a week of meeting, along with any additional information that is sent.  Betty B’s guild block pic was added to the banner of the blog.
d)    Historian (Marilyn H.) – SSQG pictures are uploaded to a storage site and the link to the site is posted on the SSQG Blogspot site.  Some members cannot view pics.  Marilyn is checking permissions.
e)    Unfinished Projects (UFOs – Kathy S.) – Cheryl A. presented a completed quilt and chose a book from the Treasure Box.
f)     Tabs (Betty B.) – Tabs were collected by Jessie C who will pass them on to Betty B.
g)    Door Prizes (Renee H.) –Winners of this weeks door prizes were Pam T who chose the “I love machine quilting” bag, Marilyn H (scrappy innovations), Merlene L. (on the road), and Mynan G (meditation package).  Karol G received the Christmas quilting bag as a swap out from January.
h)    Just Do It (Pam T.) –
                             i.       New Just Do It challenge – KRAZY QUILTS!  Any size from a block to a quilt, or any project you have in mind.  Valerie V will post some instructional links on the blog site.  A soiree will be held on Saturday, May 16 (10am -?) at Pam T’s place.  Pam will have some materials to share. Please bring any books, info, etc.
                            ii.       Roadtrip to All Stitched Up in Slidell LA – June 6th . We’ll meet at the Target on Millerville at 9am.  Drive is 1.25 hours and we plan on the shop visit, lunch in Slidell, then drive back.
i)      Quilt Show (SSQG membership) – No volunteers to become chairperson so the show this year will be a group activity and organized by the entire membership.
                           i.       Betty B. has discussed set up, take down and demo days with library.  8/15 is scheduled as the date for demo day.  Set up days are 7/30-7/31 with assistance by an intern.  Take down is still TBD.
                          ii.       Suggested displays are Quilts of Valor, completed Quilts in a Box, Charity quilts of any kind, also Safari and Dancing Square theme quilts, Storybook quilts, member’s personal quilt projects.
j)      Charity Quilts/Projects (Merlene L. & Cheryl A.) –
                         i.         SSQG will continue to donate both bears and quilts to Cancer Services and Our Lady of the Lake
                        ii.         Merlene Lewis and Cheryl Armstrong have lots of fabric from Wasted Women  Everyone is encouraged to take as much as they like to make charity quilts with.
                       iii.         Decision was made by membership that a Charity quilt sew day was not needed at this time.
  1. Unfinished Business –
a)    Mynan G has completed a quilt top from the Inverted Star blocks that the membership made.  The top was handed over to Pam T for quilting.  Any additional blocks collected will be made into an additional top.  These will be added to the charity quilts for donation.
  1. New business
a)  Karol G.asked for prayers for Dixie Kirkland and her husband who has been diagnosed with terminal leukemia, and is now in hospice at Carpenter House.
b)  Merlene L invited people to come to her house to stuff bears.
  1. Program Report – Judy Holley presented her tips on making tie and/or shirt quilts:
a)    Sharon introduced Judy and gave a brief summary of her quilting history.  Judy is a circuit teacher for GSQA and some of her upcoming classes are Pet Portraits, NY Beauty and machine quilting
b)    Judy has been working on quilts for clients who wished them made from clothing of loved ones.  Using ties and shirts Judy created some fabulous pieces:
                             i.         Shaw Quilt – made from logo shirts
                            ii.         Tie and Shirt quilts – 4 memory quilts from 6 ties and numerous shirts
                           iii.         Log Cabin and Court House Steps quilts from ties.
                          iv.         Japanese silk brocade quilt.
                           v.         Mariner’s Star quilt for Sherry Herringshaw and family.
c)    Judy demonstrated how to cut up a tie to get the most usable amount of fabric from one, including using the labels to enhance the quilt or cover up a booboo.  She also described how to cut up a shirt and stated that a quilter can get a lot of fabric from a men’s shirt.
d)    Judy gave some of her tips for sewing using the fabric from ties and shirts.
                             i.       100% cotton can be used much the same as any quilting cotton fabric
                            ii.       Work with silk ties carefully as the fabric can slip.  Judy paper pieces some quilts.
                           iii.       Placing odd type fabric blocks next to cotton blocks helps to stabilize all the blocks.
                          iv.       Ties made great bindings as they are already cut on the bias.
e)    Stitching in the ditch is one of the best ways to quilt these pieces.
  1. Show and Tell – members showed off projects, both old and new.
a)    Marilyn H showed her ideas for children’s book/storybook quilts, which included the Wizard of Oz, Little House on the Prarie, Curious George, etc.  She also gave tips and suggestions on how to present these at the Quilt Show in August.  Sharon H suggested hiding the name of the book by the quilt and having viewers guess which book the quilt represents.
b)    Pam T. passed around a local paper which showed pictures from the Giving Quilt show, including SSQG members stuffing bears.  Pam also showed her personal pictures from the show.
c)    Jessie C showed some Beatle Bags and a piece she had quilted for Merlene L. daughter
d)    Merlene L showed off one of her latest real flower quilts
e)    Carolyn B presented a Tipsy Tumbler quilt that was qullted by Pam T.
f)     Bonnie M showed off a few of the kids charity quilts she has been making from the donated fabric.
  1. Announcements –..
a)    Next meeting is scheduled for Thursday, April 16th where Betty Braud will present a program on Wool Applique/Embroidery.
b)    For those who attend River City Quilt Guild meetings, the May session has been moved to May 14th.

  1. Adjournment – 8:25pm

Links on how to make Krazy Quilts

Links on how to make crazy quilts:

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Quilt show in Sulphur LA

SSQG Meeting - April 16, 2015

Hello my talented beauties,

    I hope everyone had a Happy Easter!  We have our Sassi Stippers meeting on Thursday, April 16, 2015 @ 6:30pm at the Jones Creek Library.  We will be rocking out another awesome, jam packed meeting!  We will be setting dates for our road trip to All Stitched Up by Angela in Slidell, LA & then the next stop will be a wonderful lunch to enjoy with each other.  We will also be setting dates for a charity sew day & will touch base on the Just Do It, Krazy Quilt project.   Very excited, Judy Holley has been kind enough to step in & do our program for the April meeting & we will reschedule Betty at a later date that works for her.  Please bring your inverted star block & tabs to be turned in if you have them ready.  If time allows i have some pictures that i would like to share with all of you.  As always, we look forward to seeing everyone’s amazing work in the Show-n-Tell portion of the evening!  See you Thursday, for another fabulous night of fun, creativity & fellowship!

Humbly yours,

Pam Tennyson