Tuesday, October 20, 2015

SSQG Meeting minutes - October 15, 2015

SSQG Meeting Minutes
October 15, 2015
Minutes taken by Valerie V.
  1. President/Call to order (Pam T.) –       6:37pm
  2. Sign In, Welcome to Members and Guests – 16 members (including new member, Katie Jaeger) attended along with 1 guest.
  3. Reading of the minutes and motion to accept –
a)    Motion made by: Elsie H
b)    Motion seconded by:  Sharon H
c)    Accepted by membership? - yes
  1. Reports of officers and committees
a)    Treasurer’s report (Elsie H) –
                             i.     Beginning Balance:  $948.86
                            ii.     Deposits:  no deposits
                           iii.     Expenditures:  $25.00
                          iv.     Ending Balance:  $923.86
                           v.     Motion to accept:
1.     Motion made by:  Sharon H
2.     Motion seconded by:  Merlene L
3.     Accepted by membership? - yes
b)    President (Pam T)
                           i.         Thanked the membership for all the help and support making bear shells at last months’ meeting for Senior Craft Night.
c)    VP/Programming (Sharon H) –
                           i.       Reviewed remaining year programs (Sharon H. Christmas ornaments, Christmas party).
d)    Secretary/Blog site (Valerie V.) – minutes are added to site within a week of meeting, along with any additional information that is sent.  Marilyn H continues to add links for photos.
e)    Historian (Marilyn H.) – Continues to add picture links and is also organizing notebooks that include pictures, articles highlighting SSQG activities.  Pictures of charity quilts made with fabric from the Wasted Women group will be sent to Sherry Herringshaw.
f)     Unfinished Projects (UFOs – Kathy S) – no UFOs shown this month.
g)    Tabs (Betty B.) – 4 ½ gallons of tabs were taken to the Ronald McDonald House in New Orleans.  Betty B presented the thank you letter that was received from RMH Charities.
h)    Door Prizes (Renee H.) –Winners of last month’s door prizes were Marilyn H (Tools for Beginners), Mynan G (Logs & Nine Patches), Bonnie M (Stars & Pinwheels).  This months door prizes were Mynan G (Applique for Christmas), Cheryl A (I Love Needlework), Katie J (Modern Quilter).  Sharon H chose Wild & Goosey as her thank you for giving the program.
i)      Just Do It (Pam T.) –
                             i.       Reminded all members that this year’s challenge is Krazy.
j)      Quilt Show (SSQG membership) – For anyone interested in making a storytime quilt for 2016, Miss Gail presented SSQG with a list of books that the children are currently interested in reading. This list will be sent out via email to the membership. 
k)     Charity Quilts/Projects (Merlene L. & Cheryl A.) –
                         i.         Merlene L. read thank you notes from Cancer Services and Our Lady of the Lake for the quilts, bears and port pillows that were donated after the 2015 Quilt Show. (CS received 27 quilts, 61 bears; OLL received 27 quilts, 88 bears)
                        ii.         Cheryl A. described taking the donations to each facility and the enthusiastic responses that were received.
                       iii.         Merlene gave a tally of bears that have been made since 2011 (2356 bears)
                      iv.         Cheryl A gave an account of Senior Craft Night, held at the Jones Creek Library on October 12.  Thirty people showed up to stuff bears.  Merlene L, Betty B, Sharon H. Becky Fr, Mynan G, Cheryl A, Bonnie M and Pam T supervised and worked with the group.  In about an hour and a half, 225 bears were stuffed and SSQG ran out of fiberfill. 
  1. Unfinished Business –
a)    No unfinished business.
  1. New business
a)  Pam T and Merlene L each purchased more fiberfill.  A motion was made by Marilyn H to reimburse them, which was accepted by the guild.
b)  Pam T appointed Merlene L, Betty B and Mynan G as the nominating committee. The committee, in turn, nominated the current board (Pam T, Sharon H, Elsie H and Valerie V) to serve a second term.  No other names have been nominated so far.  Voting will be held at the November meeting.
c)  Date for the Christmas party has been set for December 10, 2015.  Location is still TBD, but leaning towards City CafĂ© again.
  1. Program Report – Sharon H presented a demo on making folded fabric Christmas ornaments
a)    Sharon provided instructions, Styrofoam balls, fabric squares and pins for the membership to make their own. 
b)    Sharon also provided individual instruction as members required it.  Everyone enjoyed the class so much that the guild will continue this activity at the November meeting.  Sharon will show the members how to embellish and finish the ornaments.
  1. Show and Tell – members showed off projects, both old and new.
  2. Announcements –.
a)    Next meeting is scheduled for Thursday, November 19th.

  1. Adjournment – 8:40pm

Thursday, October 15, 2015

SSQG Meeting - 15 October 2015

Hello my talented beauties,

   I hope everyone has been enjoying their road trips, family time & quilting! There has been a lot going on & it has been a very busy month personally, for our guild members.  I am sure you will have lots of stories & experiences to share with each other.  I can hear the laughter now!  We have our Sassi Stripper meeting on October 15, 2015 @ 6:30 pm at the Jones Creek Library. I would like to thank the members who came to the September meeting & worked on the bears for "Senior Craft Night".  Thanks to Mynan, Merlene, Cheryl, Marilyn, Bonnie, Betty & our newest member of the guild, Katie Jaeger!  "Senior Craft Night" was a huge success, we had 30 wonderful people stuffing bears!  They had a great time & stuffed 225 bears in just an hour and a half, it was fantastic!!!  I know our volunteers from the guild, enjoyed meeting & working with them as well.  A huge thank you for coming & helping out that night goes out to:  Merlene, Betty, Sharon, Becky, Mynan, Cheryl & Bonnie!!!  Thank you for taking the time & making a difference in other people's lives, well done ladies!  We will have pictures to share at the meeting from "Senior Craft Night".  Please bring a needle, thread & a pair of scissors to sew some butts while we conduct the business portion of the meeting.  We will all need to pull together as a team & take some bears home & sew some butts as well.  For the October program, Sharon Holder will be showing us how to make "Folded Christmas Balls".  She has graciously, supplied us with what we need to try this technique.  Thank you so much Sharon, I am so excited & can't wait!  Since so many couldn't attend September's meeting, we need to discuss Officers for 2016 & what y'all would like to do for our Christmas Party in December.  I postponed discussing these matters because I wanted everyone's voice to be heard.  Bring your names & suggestions on these two topics and remember, working together as a team is what makes us the Sassi Strippers that we are today.  Please bring your tabs & completed UFO's, if you have some.  Also, bring something for show-n-tell to share with the guild!  Let's get this party started!  Come on, join us for another night of fun, creativity & fellowship!

Humbly yours,

Pam Tennyson😃