Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Cancellations of SSQG Meeting 8/18/2016 and Demo Day 8/20/2016

Hello my talented beauties,

    It is with a heavy heart that I write this to all of you today.  In this time of challenges & hardship, I hope all of you are safe & sound!!!  The Flooding of 2016 caused horrific &  devastating amount of loss to the residents of our communities. I know so many of y'all are dealing with tremendous loss & an undertaking of challenges that is unimaginable!!!  The community will be there for one another with support, love & a helping hand!  We are cancelling the meeting on Thursday, August 18, 2016.  We are also cancelling the Demo Day at the LibrarySaturday, August 20, 2016.  This is a time to focus on ourselves, family & friends!  We will tear down, rebuild & come back stronger because we are #LousianaStrong!!!  I love each one of you, stay safe & God Bless!

Humbly yours,

Pam Tennyson

Monday, August 8, 2016

SSQG Meeting Minutes -- 7/21/16

SSQG Meeting Minutes
July 21, 2016
Minutes taken by Katie J.

  1. President / Call to order (Pam T)- 6:44pm
  2. Sign in, Welcome to Members and Guests- 13 members
  3. Reading of the minutes and motion to accept-
  1. Motion made by: Sharon H.
  2. Motion seconded by: Marilyn H.
  3. Accepted by membership-? Yes
  1. Reports of officers and committees
  1. Treasurer’s report (Elsie H)-
  1. Beginning Balance: $1036.66
  2. Deposits: no deposits
  3. Expenditures: $25.00
  4. Ending Balance: $1011.66
  5. Motion to accept:
  1. Motion made by: Karol G.
  2. Motion seconded by: Merlene L.
  3. Accepted by membership? Yes
  1. VP/ Programming (Sharon H)- Carol Hilton may come to talk about quilting on the longarm. Sharon is waiting to hear back from Carol for confirmation on the September program.

  1. Secretary (Katie J / Valerie K)- Katie J. took minutes as new secretary.

  1. Historian/Blog Site (Marilyn H)- Continues to post to the blog site & post pictures.

  1. Unfinished Projects (UFOs-Kathy S)- No UFO’s were shown this month.

  1. Tabs (Betty B.)- Marilyn H. donated tabs.

  1. Door Prizes (Renee H)- 1st prize-Elsie H. 2nd prize- Linda B. 3rd prize- Valerie K. 4th prize- Cheryl A. (Angie H. donated door prizes)

  1. Just Do It (Pam T)- The road trip to Mia’s & Dukes was so much fun, we had 12 members go. We are going to plan our next road trip to Daisy’s Shop and a restaurant.

  1. Quilt Show (SSQG membership)- Members turned in quilts for quilt show to Pam T.

  1. Charity Quilts (Merlene L & Cheryl A)- Cheryl A.- 4. Beck F.- 1. Pam T.- 2.

5.Unfinished business- No unfinished business.
6. New Business- Vote to have Christmas Party at Dukes Restaurant and make reservation.
Vote of location of Christmas Party-
  1. Motion made by: Karol G.
  2. Motion seconded by: Sharon H.
  3. Accepted by membership? Yes
Vote for date of reservation-
1st choice- Thursday, December 15, 2016.
2nd choice- Tuesday, December 13, 2016.
Time at 6:30pm- Pam T. to make reservation.

Vote to get one more box of stuffing for bears-
  1. Motion made by: Pam T.
  2. Motion seconded by: Elise H.
  3. Accepted by membership? Yes
Vote to buy bolts of flannel on sale for Teddy Bears using SSQG account-
  1. Motion made by: Sharon H.
  2. Motion seconded by: Linda B.
  3. Accepted by membership? Yes.

7. Program-Collected quilts for show, discussed details of quilt show.
8. Show and tell-Janell C.–Dear Jane Quilt, Sharon H.- Quilt made for her son, Adam- sailboats, patriotic. An American Flag quilt, Quilt of ballerina’s. Merlene L.- Patriotic wall hanging-flag. Wall hanging-red white and blue, was hand quilted. “United We Stand”, patriotic vest. Cheryl A.- Charity quilt-frogs, dragon flies, snails, and butterflies. Wasted Women fabric, teddy bears-yellow. Wasted Women quilt, teddy bears-blue, Christmas quilt-charity, Hunting quilt for Dad. Becky F.- Pinwheels-pink, blue and yellow-charity quilt. Pam T.- quilted by wasted women-Pam quilted, Mynan G.- did binding. River City wasted womens quilt- was the first quilt done with computer to get centered properly. Linda B.- table runner.
9. Announcements-
a) Next Meeting- August 18, 2016

10. Adjournment- 8:38pm.