Tuesday, June 13, 2017

SSQG Minutes -- 5/18/17

SSQG Meeting Agenda
Minutes taken by B. Frederick

  1. President/Call to order (Sharon H.) – 6:37
  2. Sign In, Welcome to Members and Guests: 16 members, guests Katherine Davis, Andrea G., Ann Gibbons, Andrea Keith, Kathy Brown
  3. Reading of the minutes and motion to accept –
    1. Motion made by: Elsie H.
    2. Motion seconded by: Betty B.
    3. Accepted by membership? yes-
  4. Reports of officers and committees
    1. Treasurer’s report (Cheryl A.) –
      1. Beginning Balance: $1239.66
      2. Deposits:
      3. Expenditures: $25.00
      4. Ending Balance: $1214.66
      5. Motion to accept:
        1. Motion made by: Mynan G.
        2. Motion seconded by: Valerie K.
        3. Accepted by membership? -yes
    2. VP/Programming (Mynan G.) –Linda Wiggins will present a program next month.
    3. Secretary (Becky F.) –no report.
    4. Historian/Blog site (Marilyn H.) –Has mystery quilt steps on blog.
    5. Unfinished Projects (UFOs – Kathy S.) –absent. Owe Karen 2 from last month, no others with UFOs tonight
    6. Tabs (Cheryl A.) –collected 3 bags tonight
    7. Door Prizes (Valerie K.) 1. Merline L.; 2. Cheryl A.; 3. April R.
Bonus door prize given by our speaker Kathy Brown to Valerie K.-
    1. Just Do It (Sharon H.) Our trip to Block Therapy in Mississippi and Sew This in Abita Springs was great. We ate at The Shed. Next trip possibly at the end of August is Stitch-N- Frame in Vicksburg during the August quilt show. We also discussed a trip to Daisey’s and eating at Roberto’s.
    2. Quilt Show (SSQG membership): Bring quilts for the show at the June meeting. Quilt show instructions and registration sheets were given out. Sleeve instructions for quilts are available on our blogsite. We will hang quilts July 29th and take down day will be August 31st. Demo day is August 19th.
    3. Charity Quilts (Merlene L. & Cheryl A.) no report
  1. Unfinished Business: Mystery Quilt, step 3 given out tonight.
  2. New business: Sale for Zelma at St. Margaret’s on Saturday 9-5 (this event was cancelled)
  3. Program – Kathy Brown www.the-teachers-pet.com
Kathy showed us many projects with punch needle and wool applique. She recommends Rustic Moire wool thread for both and carries them on her website. She designs patterns for both punch needle designs and wool applique. She has a book coming out in the spring of 2018 tentatively titled Wee Woolies. She has a project featured in the current issue of Wool Works Magazine. She shared her recommendations for needles (Richard Hemmings #22 and #24), applique sheets (P3 designs) and scissors (Olfa 4”).
  1. Show and Tell- Mynan G. showed her mesh bags that she made from pattern and fabric bought on our trip to Sew This. Pam T. shared her goodies that she also bought at Sew This.
  2. Announcements –..
    1. Next meeting: June 15th-
  3. Adjournment –8:28

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