Sunday, March 12, 2017

March Meeting -- 3/16/17

Good evening ladies,

I am forwarding to you all the minutes from our Feb. meeting and the first set of instructions for the Mystery Quilt.  Please review the minutes and let us know if there are any changes.

Our next meeting is this coming Thursday, March 16. I am happy to say that Paula Toups will be our guest speaker. She will do a trunk show and tell us how she got into the design business and circuit teaching. It should be a really interesting program.

Mynan will give us our next instructions for the Mystery Quilt. I can't wait to start cutting and (?)sewing.

Some of our members would love to "just do it" and take a field trip to what I hear is a fabulous quilt shop in Gautier, MS.  We might be able to make additional stops in Slidell and Abita Springs. Think about it.
We will discuss it Thursday.

Look forward to seeing you guys. I missed you all last month!


SSQG Minutes -- 2/16/17

SSQG Meeting 2/16/17
Minutes taken by Becky F.
1. Vice President (Mynan G.) called to order 6:40 pm
2. Sign in, Welcome to 9 members.
3. Reading of the minutes and motion to accept
a. Motion made by : Elsie H.
b. Motion seconded by Betty B.
c. Accepted by membership? Yes
4. Reports of officers
a. Treasurer’s report (Cheryl A.)
i. Beginning Balance: $1011.66
ii. Deposits: $120.00 in dues
iii. Expenditures: none
iv. Ending Balance: $1131.66
v. Motion to accept:
1. Motion made by: Pam T.
2. Motion seconded by: Karol G.
3. Accepted by membership? Yes
b. VP/Programming (Mynan) – Bears tonight.
Mynan asked membership about their interests for future programs. We will have Paula Toups in March and Daisy Comeaux at a later time. Members were asked to share skills or other crafts that they enjoy for future programs. Please talk to Mynan if you have ideas about this. Pam T. suggested Kathy Brown or Gayle Soileau for a program on needle punch.
c. Secretary (Becky F.)- minutes were sent out.
d. Historian/Blog site (Marilyn H.) not in attendance.
e. Unfinished projects (UFOs) Kathy S.- Projects must be started in 2016 or before and completely finished (quilting and binding) to qualify. None presented tonight.
f. Tabs (Cheryl A.) – none
g. Door prizes (Valerie K.) – 1. Kathy S.; 2. Pam T., 3. Karol G.
h. Just Do It (Sharon H.)- Several of our members (Pam T., Cheryl A., Betty B., Karol G., Sharon H., Elsie H., and Valerie K.) attended the public day at Red Stick Rug Hooking Hook in at Nottoway plantation on Wednesday, Feb. 15th. Cheryl A. shared about the conference. Pam T. brought her wool purchases to show and showed a news clip about the conference and some photos that she and Cheryl A had taken. Members enjoyed lunch at the plantation, also, which was reported to be excellent.
i. Quilt Show- no report
j. Charity Quilts (Cheryl A. and Merlene L)- no report
5. Unfinished business – 75 bears were stuffed and finished at the Giving Quilt Show. Approximately 600 quilts were on display and our member Betty Braud received an Honorable Mention for her quilt “Crayons”.
GSQA opportunity basket that was mention at last month’s meeting was discussed. Membership declined to participate because it was felt that we did not need the funds that would be generated and that it would be difficult for such a small guild to collect items for it. Seminar is March 15-18th.
6. New business- Mynan handed out beginning instructions for a Mystery Quilt (attached to minutes) that will start next month. It’s a Debbie Caffrey pattern called “Sew What?” Mynan brought her fabric selections for this quilt to give us an idea of what we may need to look for when selecting material. Step 1 will be handed out in March, Step 2 in April, and Step 3 in May. Hopefully, some of our members can have this quilt completed in time for this year’s quilt show.
7. Tonight’s Program – Members tied hearts and bows on finished bears.
8. Show and Tell – Betty B. showed her cotton and wool table runner from a pattern in Primitive Quilts and Projects magazine.
Mynan G. showed her “Gold Medal” top and an “Honor” top that was done in black and white. Both are Villa Rose patterns.
9. Announcements-
a. Next meeting is March 16th.

10. Adjournment at 8:10 pm

Monday, February 27, 2017

SSQG Minutes --1/19/17

SSQG Meeting 1/19/17
Minutes taken by Becky F.
1. President (Sharon H) called to order 6:36 pm
2. Sign in, Welcome to 11 members and 1 guest Nicole Hamway (Elsie’s daughter).
3. Reading of the minutes and motion to accept
a. Motion made by : Elsie H.
b. Motion seconded by Karol G.
c. Accepted by membership? Yes
4. Reports of officers
a. Treasurer’s report (Cheryl A.) Report is the same as last month with no outgoing or incoming.
b. VP/Programming (Mynan) – Bears tonight. Mynan asked membership about their interests for future programs. We will possibly have Paula Toups in February. Members were asked to share skills or other crafts that they enjoy for future programs. Please talk to Mynan if you have ideas about this.
c. Secretary (Becky F.)
d. Historian/Blog site will be maintained by Marilyn H. again this year.
e. Unfinished projects (UFOs) goodies will be handled by Kathy S. again this year.
f. Tabs will be collected and delivered by Cheryl A. for Ronald McDonald House.
g. Door prizes will be collected and awarded by Valerie K. at future meetings. Tonight door prizes were awarded to: Merlene (Traditional but Hip bag); Cheryl A. (Warm Heart bag); and Nicole who gave hers to her mother.
h. Just Do It will be planned by Sharon H.
i. Quilt Show will have no chairman or committee and all members will be responsible for putting on the show.
j. Charity Quilts will be collected and distributed by Cheryl A. and Merlene L
5. Unfinished business – Giving Quilt Show will be Feb. 4th-5th from 10:00 to 4:00. Sharon is setting up at 8:30 on Feb. 4th. We are only responsible being there with bears on Saturday. We stuffed less than 300 last year. Stuffing will be provided by the Giving Quilt guild.
6. New business- GSQA quarterly meeting will be Jan. 28th in Baton Rouge at the Goodwood Library at 10:00 am. Presentation will be about putting your quilts in a show and how they are judged. Lunches provided for $6.00.
GSQA seminar will be held March 15-18 in New Orleans at the Kenner Hilton. You may go to the GSQA website to view and register for classes or lectures. If interested in attending, we will organize carpooling at a later date. This year GSQA is giving guilds the opportunity to put together baskets for auction with 50% of proceeds going back to the guild. Opportunity Baskets may consist of sewing notions, fabric, etc. or one big item. Baskets are due March 15th at the seminar hotel. Winners will be drawn on Saturday at lunch.
Members were asked who would be interested in a Mystery quilt, quilt in a box, Round Robin quilt, etc. Merlene suggested a Row by Row. Bring your ideas to the next meeting.
7. Program – Members cut out, sewed, turned, and drew faces on bears for the rest of the meeting time.
8. Show and Tell – none tonight.
9. Announcements-
a. Next meeting is February 16th.

10. Adjournment at 8:30 pm

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

The Giving Quilt and Just Do It

Wow! What a great time we had at the Giving Quilt Show. I cannot thank the members enough for all of their help. We finished making 75 bears and many more are ready to stuff and finish.  We had stuffers, dressers (hearts and ribbons), butt sewers and face drawers. Pam, Karol, and Elsie took home bears to complete. Most of all we had a great time and got lots done for cancer services and OLOL. We had help from multiple children as well as adults from the community.

The show was the largest yet. There were over 600 quilts on display.  Our own Betty Braud received an Honorable Mention for her quilt "Crayons". In addition to all the quilts destined for a variety of deserving charities, there were Quilts of Valor on display that will go to some of our veterans.   Several shops had booths  and there were a few vendors as well. I can personally attest that the pulled pork nachos were as Pam would say "off the hook".

Next Wednesday, the 15th, there is a Rug Hooking Show at Nottoway Plantation from 1 to 4.  We are inviting everyone to go as a group for lunch and the show.  As of now, Pam, Karol, Elsie and I are going. We are going to make reservations for lunch around 11. Please let me know as soon as possible if you are interested. 

Thanks again for being such a terrific, talented group!


Thursday, February 2, 2017

The Giving Quilt Show

Good Morning,

I am beginning to believe I missed winter and we are in Spring. The days are supposed to be a little cooler starting tomorrow so for the Giving Quilt Show Saturday at the Lamar Dixon Center it should be very nice.  Mynan and I will get there about 8:30 to set up. The show goes from 10am to 4 pm

We should have a great time stuffing bears with the communities help. We will have the bears, hearts and ribbons along with thread, needles and scissors when you arrive. We will also have some fabric to trace bears if you like. We will not be sewing bears.

I can't tell you guys how much I appreciate your coming to help and all you do for our charities. This is a great group!

See you Saturday!


Tuesday, January 17, 2017

January Meeting -- 1/19/2017

Happy New Year all you Sassi Strippers!

I am so excited about 2017. It will be an opportunity to put all the trials and tribulations of 2016 behind us. I plan on a year of fun and quilting. I'm really looking forward to be your new president. I have very big shoes to fill.

Our Christmas party was terrific. A million thanks to our president and her helpers for a great time. The food was delicious and the activities a trip. I may have to nominate our Pam as the poet laureate of Louisiana. There were certainly times that I didn't know my left from my right. Thank you so much Pam for a wonderful party, not to mention 2 great years.

Our meeting is this Thursday January 19 at 6:30 at the library. We will be sewing and preparing bears for stuffing for the Giving Quilt Show Feb. 4th and 5th at the Lamar Dixon Center in Gonzales. Please bring your sewing machine to the meeting if you can sew bears. Having an extension cord is probably a good idea. If you are not sewing bears, please bring scissors to cut out or trim and clip sewn bears. Call if you have any questions. More info about the show and other activities at the meeting.

Dates to remember are below:

January 28  GSQA General Meeting, EBR Main Library 10am

January 31  Deadline to register for classes and/or events at the GSQA Seminar

Feb. 4 & 5  Giving Quilt Show, Lamar Dixon Center 

March 15-18  GSQA Seminar, Hilton New Orleans airport.

As you can see there is a lot going on in the next few weeks. We will discuss the events in more detail Thursday night.

Mynan has asked that everyone bring ideas for programs for this year.

Can't wait to see you guys,


Wednesday, December 14, 2016

SSQG - Minutes 11/17/16

 SSQG Minutes – 11/17/16
SSQG Meeting Minutes
Date: November 11, 2016
Minutes taken by Sharon H

1. President / Call to order (Pam T.)- 6:40pm
2. Sign in, Welcome to Members and Guests- 14 Members attended and 2 Guests Carli Whiteside and Paula Toups.
3. Reading of the minutes and motions to accept-

a. Motion made by: Mynan G.
b. Motion seconded by: Elsie H.
c. Accepted by membership? Yes

4. Reports of officers and committees

a. Treasurer’s report (Elsie H.)-

I. Beginning Balance: 1,011.66
II. Deposits: 0
III. Expenditures: 0
IV. Ending Balance: 1,011.66
V. Motion to accept:

1. Motion made by: Karol G.
2. Motion seconded by: Valerie V.
3. Accepted by membership? Yes

b. VP/ Programming (Sharon H.)- Noted that the Christmas Party would take place at the December Meeting

c. Secretary (Katie J.)-Katie J. absent. Sharon H took minutes.

d. Historian/Blog Site (Marilyn H.)- Continues to post to the blog site and post pictures.

e. Unfinished Projects (UFOs-Kathy S.)- Marilyn showed a quilt that had been quilted by Missouri Star Quilting. They provided the backing, did an all-over design, and charged $.02/sq. in.

f. Tabs (Betty B.)- 1 small bag turned in.

g. Door Prizes (Renee H.)-
  1. Merlene L (Applique)
  2. Elsie H (Traditional)
  3. Sharon H (Quirky)
  4. Valerie V (Jackets and Bags)

h. Just Do It (Pam T.)- No discussion

i. Quilt Show (SSQG membership)-

j. Charity Quilts (Merlene L. & Cheryl A.)- 5 quilts went OLOL Children's Hospital and 5 went to Cancer Services. 27 Bears to OLOL and 28 to Cancer Services. SSQG did receive a thank you note from OLOL.

5.Unfinished business- The Nominating Committee formerly nominated Sharon H as president, Mynan G as vice-president, Becky F as secretary, and Cheryl A as treasurer. A motion to accept was made by Kathy S, seconded by Merlene L, and accepted by the membership.

  1. New Business- Paula Toups contacted fabric manufaturer North Cot to make pillow cases for flood victims. She made 30 pillow cases and with the help of other quilters, a total of 150 were made. 8 members flooded and 7 got pillows at the meeting.
1. It was announced that Daisy Comeaux's Quilt Cottage would re-open soon.
2. A notice about the giving quilt exhibition would be held in february and bears would be needed. Members were encouraged to take flannel fabric to make bears. Challenge fabric for the show is Toscana Green and it is available at Quilt Corner.

7. Program- “Pincushions and Bags featured in the book Sew Organized by Heidi Staples” by Angie H. Pincushions were stuffed with walnut shells. Walnut shells in a large amount for a good price at petsmart. Angie mentioned that an informative blog called Fabric Mutt and the website is a good website for free patterns for gift ideas. Paula Toups won one of Angie's pincushions.

8. Show and tell- Marilyn H(2 christmas tree patterned quilts: 1 cherry guidry kit in red and the other was Prarie Point Christmas Tree) Merlene L (Bouquet Quilt-daughter's bridal quilt? And a wall-hanging that was hand quilted) Mynan G (3 quilts for adopted family in Virginia CJ received a Marvel Comic Quilt, Chase got a Pixelated Batman quilt, Baby Caroline (as yet unborn) got a grey, pink, and teal dandelion quilt) Elsie (multiple English Paper-pieced blocks)

9. Announcements-
a) Reminder that the Christmas Party will be at the December meeting on the 15th at the City Cafe at 6:30pm. Members who would like to participate may bring a Christmas fat-quarter and a quilt related gift costing $15 or less. Participation is voluntary and the dress is festive.

10. Adjournment- 8:07pm

Monday, December 12, 2016

December Meeting -- 12/15/16

Hello my talented beauties,

  I hope you are staying warm & enjoying the holidays!  We will be having our Christmas Party on our regular scheduled meeting night, at the City Cafe Restaurant located on O'Neal Lane, December 15, 2016 6:30pm.  Please let me know if you are definitely attending the party or if you can't make it.  I need to confirm how many people to set up for at the restaraunt.  You can simply reply to this email to let me know.  If you are coming, it is optional to bring a gift (valued at $15 that is quilting related) & a Christmas fat quarter.  Come hungry, happy & festive, I am so excited to see everyone & spend time together!!!

  Let me tell you, oh what a ride this has been for the past 2 years, I have been so honored to be your President!!!  Sassi Stripper Quilt Guild has become a sisterhood of quilters.  It has been jam packed with sharing knowledge, education, road trips, life's highs as well as lows, but mostly a ton of laughter & fellowship!!!  You ladies are always making a difference in someone's life by sharing your talent & selflessly giving your time wherever needed.  I am in awe of each & everyone of you, SSQG has made this world a better place!  Your talent & generosity leaves me speechless!  I hope you have enjoyed this ride as much as I have!  Each one of you have all left an imprint on my heart forever, thank you, & I love you!!!  Now let's get this party started & join me for the last time for fun, food & some Christmas cheer!!!?￰

Humbly yours,

Pam Tennyson

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

November Meeting 11-17-16

Hello my talented beauties,

   I want to start by wishing everyone a Happy Thanksgiving, I hope you enjoy your family & friends during the holidays!  We are having our next meeting on Thursday, November 17, 2016 @ 6:30 pm at the Jones Creek Library.  We were so thrilled to have the President of the Modern Quilt Guild, Pat Van Burkleo, with us for the October meeting!  Pat shared all of his modern quilts, as well as  his journey in quilting.  Pat welcomed anyone to join the modern quilt guild & shared a little bit about the guild.  We were thrilled to have him with, please remember that their Quilt Show is still on display!  Angie Hebert will be doing our November program.  She is going to share how she made the cutest pincushion, you will love it!  She also has a surprise for one lucky member, yay!  We would like to give a huge welcome to our latest Sassi Stripper member, Wanda Hoffman!!!  We are so happy to have her join our guild!  The nomination committee was selected at the October meeting, the committee will present their nominees for SSQG Officers of 2017 at the November meeting.  We will vote on the new officers at the meeting, come & let your voice be heard.  Remember our SSQG Christmas Party is booked for December 15, 2016 at the City Cafe, room 1 @ 6:30 pm.  If you have any completed UFO's, please bring them.  Bring your tabs, door prize donations to the meeting as well.  Come join me for another night of fun, creativity & fellowship!!!

Humbly yours,

Pam Tennyson