Thursday, November 16, 2017

SSQG Minutes -- 10/19/17

SSQG Meeting Minutes
Date: October 20, 2016
Minutes taken by Marilyn H

1. President / Call to order (Sharon H)- 6:34pm
2. Sign in, Welcome to Members and Guests- 12 Members attended and 0 Guests, Wanda Hoffman, new member, was welcomed

3. Reports of officers and committees

a. Treasurer’s report (Elsie H.)-

I. Beginning Balance: $1,014.25
II. Deposits: $6.00
III. Expenditures: $28.60
IV. Ending Balance: $991.65
V. Motion to accept:

1. Motion made by: Elsie H
2. Motion seconded by: Betty B
3. Accepted by membership? Yes

b. VP/ Programming (Mynan G)- Next month hoping for Sherry Herringshaw to do a trunk show. Also submit ideas for future programs.

c. Secretary (Becky F)-Becky F. absent. Marilyn H took minutes.

d. Historian/Blog Site (Marilyn H.)- Brought all the scrapbooks for members to look through.

e. Unfinished Projects (UFOs-Kathy S.)- No UFO’s

f. Tabs (Cheryl A.)- tabs are piling up and will be delivered soon. Tentatively scheduled for Nov 18th

g. Door Prizes (Valerie K.)-
      1. Pam T
      2. Mynan G
      3. Merlene L.

h. Just Do It (Sharon H)- Nov 18th to deliver tabs and visit NOLA quilt stores.

i. Quilt Show (SSQG membership)

j. Charity Quilts (Merlene L. & Cheryl A.)- Delivered last month to OLOL and Cancer services

5.Unfinished business-

6. New Business- Christmas Party is tentatively Thursday Dec.14 @ 6:30pm @ City Cafe. Nominating Committee: Valerie K, Elsie H, and Karol G.

7. Program- Bingo winners: Elsie H and Betty B

8. Show and tell- Valerie K, Pam T, Merlene L

9. Announcements-
a) Next Meeting-

10. Adjournment- 8:30pm

SSQG Minutes -- 9/21/17

SSQG Meeting Minutes
Date: September 21, 2017
Minutes taken by Tonya N

1. President / Call to order (Sharon H.)- 6:35pm
2. Sign in, Welcome to Members and Guests- Guest Fran F. Sharon talked her into quilting and she loves it.
3. Reading of the minutes and motions to accept-

a. Motion made by: Karol G
b. Motion seconded by: Elsie H.
c. Accepted by membership? Yes

4. Reports of officers and committees

a. Treasurer’s report (Cheryl A.)- Cheryl A . absent. Report by Sharon H

I. Beginning Balance: 1,014.25
II. Deposits: 0
III. Expenditures: 0
IV. Ending Balance: 1,014.25
V. Motion to accept:

1. Motion made by: Karen W.
2. Motion seconded by: Marilyn H.
3. Accepted by membership? Yes

b. VP/ Programming (Sharon H.)- Working on future presentations. Please let us know if there are any suggestions.

c. Secretary (Becky F.)-Becky F. absent. Tonya N took minutes.

d. Historian/Blog Site (Marilyn H.)- The link is up to view the Quilt Show photos.

e. Unfinished Projects (UFOs-Kathy S.)- Karen (we owe her 3 UFOs) quilt called “Kind, Smart, and Beautiful”.

f. Tabs (Cheryl A.)- Cheryl Absent. Becky brought tabs in.

g. Door Prizes (Valerie K.)-
      1. #6 Robin Cambell (Love My Handwork)
      2. #1 Marilyn (Picking the Flowers)
      3. #4 Sharon Holder(Stargazer)

h. Just Do It (Sharon H.)- Trip to Cottage Quilts. All had a good time.

i. Quilt Show (SSQG membership)- Public voted on Quilt Show winners. #1 Karen W., #2 Betty B, #3 Carol G, and Valerie K

j. Charity Quilts (Merlene L. & Cheryl A.)- OLOL and delivered bears and quilts to cancer department. OLOL sent a thankyou card and they gave tickets for the chef showcase. Since 2011, we have made 3,183 bears

5.Unfinished business- There will be construction next year and may not be able to have the show. A lady may borrow the wavy patriotic quilt in Nov. in the library.

  1. New Business-
  2. a. Sale – Debbie Ingram estate – Sept 30th from 10-3. Fabric Rulers notions and machines.
  3. b. Sew Blue – Sew for fallen police officers' kids. Sat. Oct 7th 9-3. Bring machines and notions to come sew.
  4. c. Motion for buying 1-2 90” bolts of backing at JoAnn's for charity quilts
      1. Motion Made – Carolyn B
      2. Motion Seconded – Mynan G
      3. Accepted by membership - Yes

7. Program- Sassi Strippers Badges

  1. Show and tell-
    1. Merlene showed a quilt .
    2. Merlene and Karen went to Paducah and met Danny Amonzona (Snip It)
  2. 3. Janell sent 4 Jelly roll quilt tops for charity
    1. 4. Karen showed an illusion quilt
    2. 5. Mynan showed 3 charity quilt tops that were donated

9. Announcements-
a) Next Meeting- October 19th, 2017

10. Adjournment- 8:40pm

Monday, October 16, 2017

October Meeting -- 10/19/17

Good evening ladies,

Just wanted to touch base with you about our meeting this Thursday night. We have a fun evening on tap.

We will be having a Game and Goodies Night.  We will play Left ,Right and Center with 5" squares and fat quarter BINGO. Please bring 15 5" squares of any fabric you choose and 2 fat quarters. One fat quarter should be Christmas fabric and one in any fabric. The more people who play the more fun we will have. Also please bring a snack to share - sweet or savory your choice. We will have water, coke, diet coke and sprite.

We also need to appoint a committee to rec. a slate of officers for next year. The names will be presented at the November meeting for a vote.

There will also be a discussion and tentative decision about the date and location for our Christmas Party. In past years, we have enjoyed City Cafe but would certainly consider a new place. I think everyone had a blast last year.

Please bring your new Sassi Strippers name badges to the meeting. For anyone who was not at the last meeting and who wants to know the design and get the base fabric that was handed out handed out, call me. I will get it to you before or at the meeting.

Looking forward to seeing everyone Thursday.

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

September Meeting -- 9/21/17

Good Afternoon Ladies,

Just a note about our meeting Thursday. 

 We are going to be brainstorming ideas for a Sassi Stripper name badge. Put on your thinking caps and lets come up with a dynamite design.  After we decide on what we want to do, we can all go home and make ours.  I will bring my sewing machine and some scraps to play with. If you have a permanent pen that writes well, please bring it. All ideas are on the table. 

We will also have a game to celebrate fall. If you want to play bring a fall themed fat quarter. Fall prints, fall solids or fall themes will be welcome. Its hard to think fall when the temperature is 90 but we are game. If we waited for cool, crisp weather it could be Christmas.

As always bring any new quilts.  Our door prizes look good to me and I still have our UFO basket.

We will talk about our Christmas Party (can you believe it?) and plans for next year.

Looking forward to seeing all of you

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

SSQG Minutes -- 8/17/17

SSQG Meeting Agenda
August 17, 2017
Minutes taken by B. Frederick

  1. President/Call to order (Sharon H.) – 6:38
  2. Sign In, Welcome to Members and Guests: 10 members, 1 guest
  3. Reading of the minutes and motion to accept – sent out
    1. Motion made by: Elsie H.
    2. Motion seconded by: Merline L
    3. Accepted by membership? yes-
  4. Reports of officers and committees
    1. Treasurer’s report (Cheryl A.) –
      1. Beginning Balance: $1039.25
      2. Deposits:
      3. Expenditures: $25.00
      4. Ending Balance: $1014.25
      5. Motion to accept:
        1. Motion made by: Mynan G.
        2. Motion seconded by: Marilyn
        3. Accepted by membership? -yes
    2. VP/Programming (Mynan G.) – September meeting: name tags. October: Halloween party.
    3. Secretary (Becky F.) –nothing to report
    4. Historian/Blog site (Marilyn H.) –link to show photos up after demo day.
    5. Unfinished Projects (UFOs – Kathy S.) –absent. Sharon showed her MIL quilt from the Katrina era that she finished for her, Merline had a cross stitch quilt to show, a quilt out of fabric from her Poppy jacket, and charity quilts.
    6. Tabs (Cheryl A.) –Becky and Betty brought some in.
    7. Door Prizes (Valerie K.) 1. Betty B.; 2. Elsie.; 3. Becky
    8. Just Do It (Sharon H.) Cottage Creations road trip scheduled for Saturday, September 16th. Future Just Do it will be going to Madison, Mississippi to see Cotton Blossom Quilts.
    9. Quilt Show (SSQG membership): Lots of comments in the sign in book. Materials needed and jobs were discussed for demo day.
    10. Charity Quilts (Merlene L. & Cheryl A.) Representatives from Cancer Services and OLOL will be here to accept a quilt on demo day at 1:30.
  5. Unfinished Business: none
  6. New business: Louisiana Folklife Museum will sponsor an event that will involve quilters helping the public to create blocks to make a quilt that will go on tour. “What does La. mean to me” will be the theme and blocks will be juried into a quilt.
Sew Blue event August 26th. Sew days to make quilts for kids who have lost a parent in law enforcement. Highland Presbyterian from 9-3. RSVP to Renee H. if you want to attend.
  1. Program: Sharon gave a program on First Aid for quilters. (Unfortunately her friend who was going to help with her talk was sick and could not make it.) Sharon shared what to do in case of needle punctures, cuts, and burns. Handouts showed good quilting ergonomics.
  2. Show and Tell- Marilyn- Mystery Quilt; Sharon-LSU quilt; Mynan-Mystery Quilt; Betty- handwork; tray with wool piece from Buttermilk Basin.
  3. Announcements –
  1. Kathy Brown announced that she will no longer be attending markets and shows and will be downsizing her inventory and show demo furniture and accessories. She will set up a day for our guild to come to her storage unit to help her get rid of these items. She’d rather see them go to people who will use them rather than just bring them to Goodwill.
  2. All Stitched Up is opening a second location in New Orleans Sept. 1st.
  3. A modern quilt shop called Uptown Needle and Craftworks will open at 4610 Magazine Street in New Orleans.
  4. Next meeting- September 21st at 6:30.

  1. Adjournment –8:12

Saturday, August 26, 2017

Viewer's Choice Awards

Here are the winners of the Viewer's Choice Awards from Demonstration Day of the 2017 Kaleidoscope of Quilts.  Congratulations to all!

1st Place, Autumn in New York by Karen W. 

       2nd Place, Starlit Garden by Betty B.

3rd Place, Starry Night by Karol G.

     3rd Place, Up in the Mountains by Valerie K.