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SSQG Meeting - 2/16/12

Our Febuary Meeting is this Thursday Night.  Remember to bring your Brown Bag for the exchange to the meeting if you wish to participate in the exchange. 
2 yards of fabric in a brown bag
Jessie has invited Sherry Herringshaw to present something new to us. 
Happy Quilting,
Becky Fincher

Saturday, February 4, 2012

SSQG Meeting Minutes - 19 January 2012

January 19, 2012 Meeting Minutes

President Becky Fincher called meeting to order at 6:30pm welcoming thirteen members and five guests.

Becky introduced the new board members to the guild – Becky Fincher – President; Jessie Comeaux – Vice President; Valerie Barth – Secretary; Heidi Brochard – Treasurer.

Becky presented the changes to the by-laws which were made in 2011 re: how the new officer’s terms start in January.

Becky read the organization’s purpose.  Becky made the by-laws electronic and these will be posted to the guild’s blog site.  The 2012 membership form will also be posted to the blog site.

Secretary’s report was accepted by Elsie Hamway and Jessie Comeaux, respectively.

Treasurer Heidi Brochard reported a balance of $692.23 in the SSQG account.  A copy of the treasurer’s report was given to the secretary.  Andrea Keith and Karol Guidry accepted treasurer’s report, respectively.

Old business –

Unfinished Projects (UFO’s) – Jessie Comeaux

                There were 10 players in 2011.  There were a total of 20 out of 144 projects completed.  1st place went to Jessie Comeaux and 2nd place went to Karol Guidry.  Karol Guidry was given a prize. 

Jessie will remain the chairman for 2012 and had copies of forms for members to sign up.  An email will be sent with the sign up forms.  The quilt needs to be quilted and finished to be counted as completing the UFO.  You can add a quilt at any stage to the list (blocks, fabric, kit, etc.) at the start.

Teddy Bear’s for NICU/Em. Room at BR General (Bluebonnet location)

                Merlene Lewis presented this charity project before the guild last year (as noted in August 2011 minutes and voted on in November 2011).  She spoke with the hospital and is awaiting confirmation/approval by her contacts.  She will provide update during next meeting.  The guild would make teddy bears out of donated fabric for the patents.  Merlene has a copy of the pattern to be used. 

Strip Challenge from 2011

                Becky brought her strips to the meeting.  The guild decided that we would not have a strip challenge this year.

Wonky House Quilt – Habitat for Humanity Art Auction

                Valerie Barth to contact Lynn Clarke, Executive Director of Habitat for Humanity, to find out how much the quilt made in the auction.


                Madeline Monroe will be the new guild contact for this charity project.  Please detach the flip tops from all aluminum soda, soup, juice, vegetable, etc. cans.  Bring them to the meeting.  Guild voted to continue this charity project and send the tabs to Ronald McDonald Children’s hospital in Monroe for another year.  Becky’s sister will take them when she travels to Monroe.

Recycled Greeting Cards

                Valerie Barth will continue to collect used greeting cards to send to St. Jude’s Ranch for children.  The children take the cards and cut the backs off and use them to create new cards which are sold to benefit their organization. All types of cards are accepted, Christmas, Birthday, Thank-you, etc.

Blog Site

                Valerie Valle will continue to be moderator of the blog site.  The guild’s new board members were given access to create new posts on the blog site.  Guild members are encouraged to look at the blog site to access meeting minutes, pictures of guild events, etc. and also to make comments on the posts.  The address for the blog site is

Guild Cookbooks

                Andrea Keith purchased three cookbooks.  Any member who would like to purchase a cookbook should contact a guild board member.  The cookbooks are $5 each.  Karol Guidry has the guild cookbooks, bingo game, and roll of tickets which and will bring them to the next meeting to turn them over to the new board members.

Door Prizes

                Andrea Keith is the new guild contact in charge of door prizes. Jessie Comeaux provided Andrea with the guild’s door prize collection.  These were items donated by other guild members or members of the quilting community.  If there is something that you don’t use or have a duplicate of something in your quilt room, please consider donating it to the group to use as a door prize.  Stay tuned for more chances to win a door prize at a future quilt meeting.

New business -

Quilt Guild Book Sale

                The Sassi Strippers were given a collection of magazines/quilt books after the last library quilt show in August 2011.  The guild will have a book sale in March at Valerie Barth’s house.  It was decided at the meeting that only Sassi Strippers members will be invited to this first book sale.  This way the members can have the first choice in the books/magazines.  The guild decided that soft covers will be sold for $3, hard cover books would be $5, and large hard cover/soft cover newer editions and a choice of 12 magazines would be sold for $10.  The money raised will be tallied and used for bringing in special speakers this year.  Once the first sale is complete, the guild may have a second book sale that will be open to all BTR quilters.   The sale date will be announced at the next meeting.  Valerie Barth and Jessie Comeaux will organize the books/magazines for the sale.

Krotz Springs Quilt Guild

                Jessie Comeaux received an invitation from the Krotz Springs Quilt Guild to bring a show and tell of our quilts to their quilt show which will be held on July 14th.  Jessie sent a follow-up email to the guild to solicit interest on this topic.  Lunch will be included and the Sassi Strippers would need to be in Krotz Springs for approximately four hours. 

Quilt Show – August 2012

                We are back on the books for our annual quilt show at the Jones Creek library.  Our month is August once again.  Betty Braud and Renee Hoeprich will co-chair the show.  Becky will talk to Ms. Gayle and Ms. Yvonne to schedule the dates to hang and take down the quilts.  Valerie Barth will help with public relations.  Merlene will participate on the committee. Betty and Renee will provide and update at the next meeting as the planning is set to begin.

New activities – The guild voted on the following activities for 2012: 

Fabric swap – Bring 2 yards of a fabric of your choice to next month’s meeting.  The fabric must be put in a brown paper bag.  Please do not put your name on the bag.  We will have a person that is not participating that will log in the bags and hand them back out to a new person.  The finished quilts need to incorporate the fabric that you receive and also any other fabrics of your choice. The size of the quilt must be a lap size or greater.  The finished quilts should be brought back to the Christmas party and the original fabric owner will get their finished quilt.  Please do not tell anyone whose fabric you receive, as it should be a surprise at the end of the year. Please keep a swatch of your fabric – just in case you forget which fabric you supplied by December.

Rene offered to provide a lecture on threads. 

The guild would like to conduct a tool/ruler/technique demo night.

The guild would like to have a night for demonstrating how to join the ends of your binding and binding techniques. 

The guild would like to play the LCR game with charm squares or bingo with fat quarters.

The guild decided to use some of the fabric that was donated to make lotto block kits.  The kits would be chosen based on new block techniques and if you bring your block back the next month, you would get a chance to win the entire stack of blocks.  If a member does not finish the block, the unfinished kit must be returned and will be given to the winner of the blocks. 

The guild will also have demo nights to demonstrate certain block techniques.  Members can volunteer to demonstrate how to make a block and provide a website where you can obtain the patterns for the block for free.

Jessie offered to post websites that are helpful/interesting to quilters to the blog site.  Please provide her with your favorite links during the upcoming meetings.

There will be no birthday activity for this year.


Please wear your fabric nametags to the Sassi Strippers meetings.

The Rural Life Museum wants folks to hand quilt at the museum on Mondays and Tuesdays. Becky has additional contact information if anyone is interested.

A new group is starting to meet at the Jones Creek library to work on handwork.  There are no dues or board members.  The group is just a sit and sew group.  Anyone is invited to the Jones Creek library on the first Tuesday of every month at 6:30pm.  Any handwork technique is welcome – cross-stitch, hand applique, hand quilting, etc.

Becky will send out the next meeting reminder.

Valerie Valle to provide April Reeves with access to post items to the blog site as she is the guild’s quilt historian. April will post photos from show and tell on the blog site in the future.

Show and Tell

There were 18 folks in attendance at the meeting – 13 members and 5 guests.